Saturday, December 24, 2016

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas....

 It's Christmas time in December.
By now you all know that I love snow...
And we've had plenty.
I still have fond memories as a small child when the snow drifted on the Sumas flats.
I loved was the time that my dad took the tractor, tubes and toboggans
and we flew through the fields and we did not have goggles or balaclavas.
We got cold...but we knew there was hot chocolate waiting in the house.

This month's weather warnings showed red alerts...I stayed close to the weather channel.

The snow was falling and drifting and there's nothing more 
satisfying than a ride out into the country checking out the drifts.

 The next morning, December 11, 2016 we had a snowfall...that cancelled schools and churches.

 Sunday morning all the farmers were cleaning up the yards on our street.
Meanwhile I was drumming up ways of playing in the snow.

We picked up some hot chocolates and drove out to Rosedale
to find this family having fun in the snow.
They are still wondering why there Opa never came to clean their driveway?

At first Joy was wondering who I was with this big winter hat....
but quickly Ivy and Joy jumped in the sled while I got my exercise.

It did not take long and before you knew it, we were all sledding.
Screams of Joy could be heard everywhere.

"Of course Oma's can make snow angels, Ivy. "  

How could I not resist coming home and starting up the fire pit and enjoying a 
hot steaming cup of coffee?
Guess who dug the narrow pathway just to give me that pleasure?

In the back forty, their were drifts...solid as could be.
Shovels and spades and before you knew it...
there was a tunnel built right through the snow 15 feet long.
Some lasting memories for some young boys who now know 'about the good old days.'
"This is like a 'Mini Fun Park at Manning Park,' hollered one of the boys.

The day could not be long enough...the tractor pulled, till sun down.
and yes, hot chocolate was simmering in the house.

Meanwhile these 'two' also took advantage of the snowfall in Lake Tahoe.
What's in your back pack, Joe?

 There he goes....
Little Cannon has no choice but to go....
Never mind what Oma thinks.

This year's Christmas card sums it up best.

We've Got All the JOY we can Handle!

From our house to yours...we want to wish all of you a 
Blessed Christmas time with family and friends.
My dreams came true for this year.
(I just's snowing again)


  1. Oh I love how you love and embrace the snow!!! Your children and sweet grands seem to take after you too. I'll be you even knitted all those wonderful tooks? What fun - enjoy every moment Marg!

  2. I've missed your posts and this one didn't disappoint. Everything looks fun and beautiful. Have a great holiday with your cute grands (and the rest of the family). Merry Christmas!

  3. Great photos of all the 'snow fun' in December! Love the grand Christmas photo...toques and all. Merry Christmas to you all.

  4. Oh Marg.. you sure take advantage of the snow fun. What a good Oma you are to play like that! beautiful scenes and lots of fun with your family doing what you all love best!

  5. You truly embrace the joy of snow and it's fun to see. Oh boy look at that little guy out on the trails with his dad! Love the great photo of the grands!

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  7. Awww... Marg, I'm with you, I love love love snow ! Nothing prettier, nothing more fun for the kids - young and old ! Love your photos !


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