Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Surprise

It's Mother's Day!
My best gift ever...having all my grandchildren together.
We planned this day in advance.
As you see, my absence from my blog tells you I'm busy.
Busy with new grands!

There were screams and hollers as they arrived.
Nobody knew that Mikki was arriving with Baby Cannon.
He was born March 22, 2016.
Five weeks after Baby Joy, Feb.13, 2016
We spent five weeks in CA helping them along their journey.

Great Oma, Tanta Trudy, Alan and Sherie.
A pleasant surprise for all.

 And you know who got all the attention..from young and old.

 Tanta Trudy hand stitched a quilt full of color and beauty for each new grandchild.
Of course Ivy owned it very quickly.
I think Joy will need to wait awhile.

And of course we took time to enjoy a table full of prepared foods.
It was a bit chaotic as you know...
just when i'st time to eat, the baby's alarms started ringing.
those poor nursing girls....
I guess we've all been there.

Truly this was a special day to  honor the women in our home.
We gathered together, from all generations.
Except for one little photogenic man.

You can guess who really stole the show...

Joy Anna, Feb.13, 2016 
(Suzanne & Christopher)

Cannon Jacob, March 22, 2016
(Mikki & Joe) 

 Yes, this is our first time gathering all five grands around us.
Lots of laughter.

The best Mother's Day ever!



  1. Oh how very special that all your grands got to be together with the rest of you! Love it...

  2. The best Mother's Day, Marg! Your quiver is full!

  3. I can imagine how full your heart felt, with all your children and grandchildren together with you on Mother's Day! What fun!

  4. We are so on the same page Marg! My Alberta family surprised me for mother's day too! What a wonderful shock I received when we walked in to a local restaurant for mother's day brunch. They are spending a few days with us here while they do some house shopping - such wonders!
    Your littles are just absolutely adorable and oh how your heart must be so full and runneth over. You have been a busy beaver indeed! So wonderful that you could all be together - best mother's day indeed!

  5. Marg, I'm so happy for you! What a wonderful surprise for everyone!

  6. Looks like you have some sweet new faces at your house. At this rate you'll soon catch up to our 9 grands. They make like rich and full, though. Happy Mother's Day!

  7. What an amazing blessing for you!

  8. And that is a Mother's Day you will always remember! How special to have them all home. I love that last photo...grandma and grandpa with all their grands!

  9. It just doesn't get any better. Your photos show it all. Congratulations!

  10. How blessed you are ! Little 'Joy' sums it all up !


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