Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ivy's Paska Tutorial

Just a few more days and we can all imagine the smells of Paska coming out of our kitchens.
For some of you, who are a bit late, here's a quick tutorial, short and sweet.
Ivy has been very enthusiastic as she loves to sees all the Easter decor.
Today was her special day to make and follow along.

She is totally aware that Easter is happening..
you only need to visualize her facial expressions.
How much does a 2 year old know about Paska?

First step, is to stir the eggs..

While she stirs, I'm preparing the dough in my mixer.
Her job is to turn the buttons on and off.

Meanwhile tasting is important,
while I make sure we also talk about texture.
What's soft dough and what's hard dough?

Sticky, Sticky...
Greasing your hands is important, as she does her final knead.

There may not be beaters, but licking the bowl is the best.

And then the bread goes into the Big Red Bowl and goes "nite nite"
and a warm blanket is placed over the dough while it rises.
Nite nite, also allows her to have a little nap, while I rest.

"Oh no, Ivy...we finished kneading the dough."

The dough is placed by the fireplace and she peaks once more.

Now it's 'wake up time'...and she is ready to prepare the pans.

And of course she adores the tea towel with all the Easter eggs,
as she covers it one more time for another little nap.

Then the bread is baked and iced, while sprinkling is her favorite part.

As you can tell, she loves it.
How much fun to take home fresh Paska for her family.
Her special recipe is from her Oma.

Hope this helps to make your life easier....

Next she's running in the deep grass looking for eggs.
She's learned that we work first and then play.
Have a wonderful Easter.