Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It's Ivy's Day!

Happy Birthday Ivy!
This little princess was born two years ago today.
The baby days are over and she's enjoying the real life.

One thing for sure...she loves her Opa!
They share their birthday's one day apart.

She's not sure yet about farming...

But if she's with her Opa...she is happy!

She loves to go with her Opa to the shop....
And onto the John Deere tractor to see the hawsies.

If you can't find Ivy, you'll see her sitting at the front door
waiting to hear her Opa's truck...
and she's gone.

Another one of her favorite past times is sitting on my island.
Today she is decorating her Mummy's birthday cake.
My mom sewed the little apron for Ivy's mum, years back.

Did I say it was birthday month?

Ivy also loves kneading dough in the big red bowl!
In her language all dough is Pizza dough.
And where did she learn to knead with her elbows?

This year she wanted a Thomas cake.

Taking that first bite!

 Opening gifts with cousins is always fun!
She's really learned to identify with her cousins, uncles and aunts.

There are times when she loves to play 'big girl'

She is one happy girl!
We have had so much fun with her.

Oh, and just so you know....
Her bags are packed.
waiting to go to her Oma's house.
while she waits for her Mummy to have a new baby.

We are all ready and waiting any time.

Yes, February is birthday month!
Suzanne, Ivy, John, Mikki, Marg
and one more coming any day.
This household will be celebrating for awhile.


  1. Oh how wonderful!!!! Exciting times at your house these days Marg. Ivy is just adorable and her Oma takes the most wonderful pictures of her and her beloved Opa! I can't believe that she's two already. Love her little apron. Enjoy February ... Happy Birthday to you.

  2. Ivy is as sweet as her name - I love it! Exciting times, indeed, at your house. All those birthdays, and a new baby or two - you are a busy Oma!!!

  3. Oh what fun to wait the arrival of Ivy's little sibling! How nice that her Oma and Opa are close enough to take care of her while the new baby arrives! Happy birthday to all your loved ones in February and to you!

  4. Happy Birthday to everyone! It looks like fun times in your kitchen and I love how she is learning to cook and farm.

  5. She is growing up so cute! I think kneading dough with elbows should be a new trend! Happy Birthday to all of you!

  6. Happy Birthday to your whole clan! It is a busy time there for sure. I love Ivy's little apron sewn by your Mom.. so special. She is a little doll, growing up so fast. All the best for the next arrival.

  7. A very full Happy Birthday month - what fun to do it all at once. Your little Ivy is a treasure! Best wishes to Suzanne and Chris as they wait on this new little one.

  8. Happy Birthday...one and all...but especially to sweet Ivy! You really know how to have a big celebration over there. We are waiting with you for the grand announcement...coming soon!

  9. Happy Birthday, Ivy! And what fun to wait with Oma and Opa for that new baby!

  10. LOVE the photo of Ivy smiling up at Opa .. how precious ... and wow .. the waiting .... anticipated joy !!!

  11. Happy belated Birthday sweet Ivy. I know she brings you so much joy. On the island helping you and being opa's side kick. She's a blessed little gal. February is your family month!


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