Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dreaming Again!

One year ago today, Jan.3, 2015 my world came crashing down.
A wonderful day on the mountains with the grands
and an unexpected knee injury that left me crippled.
I was given absolutely no hope,
not even a second opinion was granted to me.

So I started my own journey.
Some excellent advice from friends in the medical field,
gave me the inner strength and encouragement that I needed.

With the snowfall that we've had this winter,
my body aches and longs to put those skis on again.

"Your Dream doesn't have an expiration date.
Take a deep breath and try again."

It's little ones like Ivy that cheered me on...
It was inborn that I needed to be mobile to play with my
grandchildren again. 

A little bit of surgery and a strong rehab program,
put the smile back on my face, 
and gave me the courage to work hard at my weekly goals.
Boys, I will be back...
but not this year....
And I have decided to quit racing you.
Tara, I'm so happy that my ski boots fit you.
It's fun watching you progress.

But I know that Ivy will need my help,
and I will start all over again only maneuvering slower.

Ann Voskamp

There were many special people who offered prayer and HOPE!
Thank you to all of you.

I told you I'd be back!

Happy New Year's to All of You!


  1. Oh Marg - how wonderful to hear and see this!!! I've often wondered how you are getting along and can't believe it's been a year already. Your determination inspires me! Ivy is so adorable and such a good reason to "be back". You go girl! But, be careful ....

  2. PTL for your recovery and continued strengthening of you knee/leg! You are a great example of determination and hope!

  3. I'm so happy for you! You are right--don't settle for 'possible'. I know you are thrilled to be back on the skis!
    Oh, I'd love to know what fair isle pieces you are knitting. I'm looking for a fair isle sweater pattern, one with a yoke...

  4. Good luck for the coming year. You have been amazingly determined. An inspiration to all of us

  5. I can tell your fighting spirit has been at work, pulling you through some tough times. It is hard having the old body quit doing its normal and wonderful job, but it is good to see that your determination and hard work is making it better again. Those sweet grand kids give us some good incentives to stay (or get)healthy. Have a great new year!

  6. Marg, I have admired your detirmination and hard work this past year. You have been an amazing example to your grandchildren of goal setting, self discipline and follow through. Many would try to go right back to the level of skiing you did before and I find it admirable and wise that you are starting slowly. Wishing you increased strength and mobility and much joy as you take those baby steps alongside Ivy.

  7. YES, Marg .. believe the impossible -- Gott Kann .. and we can too, in HIm -- may 2016 restore to you all that you lost and MORE !!

  8. Marg, those skis sure look good on you! I love how you love sports and activities and you will be skiing with your grands because of your determination for years to come!


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