Saturday, October 10, 2015

Recognizing Tiny Miracles!

2015 started with a slate of gloom for me.
I kept working through the difficult circumstances...
and finally a break through occurred. 
I was privileged to provide day care for Ivy.
It was through her eyes that I  realized I 
needed to concentrate on the beauty of life 
that was coming to me in small packages.  
And so I began a journal, 
documenting the blessings and tiny miracles that occur every day. 
Yes, the writings of Ann VosKamp have inspired and motivated me. 

And here's my journal post for this Thanksgiving 2015!
Giving thanks that Ivy and I could walk to the garden and pick fresh raspberries.

Thanks for the gift of life..planting tulip bulbs for next spring.

She reminds me about the simple things in life...
as she crunches with her feet on the  leaves.

Shes' more than excited to announces a new baby is coming in February.
Do you see that smile and excitement?

We can never take it for-granted....but I'm 
thanking God for another anniversary!

The gift of being greeted on arrival at the airport,
from our most recent family vacation......
 A family vacation that brought all of us together,
way beyond what we could of imagined.

The gift of excitement....

 The gift of sharing life and secrets.....These girls have something in common!

 The gift of two people bursting with joy and announcing that another baby is coming in April!

The gift of grand-parenting....who would of known the beauty.

 The gift of  marriage.....Jeremy and Tara, you are stitching our family together again.

There is no better gift than investing in your family.

  The gift of cuddling and tickling...bonding times.

 The gift of patience and understanding....

 The gift of laughter....

 The gift of contentment....

The gift of  curiosity....what would happen if I jumped in?

 The gift of amazement and wonder and awe...

 The gift of enjoying a slurpee....charging it to Oma's room.

  The gift of spending time, young and old as they play chess on the Ipad.

 The gift of Family....God knew about designing family relationships.

 The gift of living in a country of freedom and abundance....

 The gift of a watching a sunset, reminiscing about life, reflecting on Gods goodness...
from your own back yard.

"Thank you God for bringing love into our lives for this season.
And for happiness we have experienced with each other.
Circumstances will inevitably change; 
nothing in this life is eternal or permanent.
But while God grants us breath,
we will enjoy one another to the fullest 
and spread our love as far and wide as possible."


  1. So wonderful to see how God ministered to your needs during your "dark hour" through Ivy. He is faithful! Congratulations on the upcoming births in your family.

  2. Beautiful post of Thanksgiving and sharing all your many wonderful blessings, Marg! Congratulations!!

  3. looks like Hawaii was great. I personally like the little things that makes life worth it...who needs big things anyway.

  4. Oh my - what wonderful news!!! Two new leaves being added to the family tree - how absolutely wonderful and exciting Marg! Ivy is so sweet and your time with her is so precious. Love, love her knitted outfit - did you make that? Your grand boys are growing so fast - they look so happy! Many blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving weekend.

  5. I'm glad you survived your rough time and are back at blogging. I have missed reading your blog. Congratulations on your upcoming babies, too. I love cute Ivy's sweater and hat!

  6. What special family times! Definitely much to be thankful for. And congratulations on the two new babies coming next year! Double blessing!

  7. Such big and small things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! Sharing in your joy!!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration at your house today!

  8. Marg, you captured it all beautifully. Thank you for sharing all the things you have been and continue to be thankful for this year. I just love the knitting projects that Ivy is modelling. Well done!

  9. I'm rejoicing with you, Marg! On life's valleys and mountain tops it is good to know God is there and will be faithful to His promises.


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