Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Living Outdoors!

It's raining and I'm taking advantage of sharing our summer highlights.
 This year we chopped down a shade tree for our patio.
Little did we know that we would have so much sun this summer.
Forget planting a new tree...
We moved the table under another big shaded trees.
It's much easier to move the table!

 Good times with Yvonne and Gerry

 Calgary Cousins!

 More Calgary Cousins!

 Calgary keeps us busy!

 Fresh blueberries and eating outside.

 Perfect quiet dining on with a lakefront view!
(sh...no children)
Men are visiting outdoors...
The women are probably cooking in the kitchen.

 Reminiscing with cousins at Papa's funeral.

 Calgary Cousins Again!

 Camping with Ivy & Lucy!

 Camping with Christopher's father, Paul from England!

 Quiet reflections on the banks of a river.
 while the more energetic ones roll logs down the river's banks.

 Throwing rocks in the river!

 And look who I found?
Just a few campsites away from our favorite fishing hole.

 Could it be more peaceful than this?

 Look who's cooking breakfast...egg in a nest.

 Ivy's getting to know her cousins!

 Happy that she gets to go camping and sleep in a tent!

 Look who's doing dishes and sitting at the job?

 There's nothing like camping together.
Good food, and tons of laughter.

 Sailing the warm Pacific!

 With my favorite girls!

 Walking shorelines!

Splashing waves!

 Surfing for the energetic!

We loved being with family this summer!

The tans will fade but the memories will last forever.


  1. Love that last line, Marg. The tans will fade but the memories will last forever!

  2. What a busy summer you've had! Between farming . . . saying your last goodbyes to your dear, most senior family member to hosting relatives, camping and holidaying as a family. Wonderful memories tucked away to keep once more.

  3. Did you say HI to Mickey Mouse while you were in Hawaii?

  4. It looks like a wonderful summer. Camping, cousins, family, friends all my favorite thingss.

  5. Marg, I really enjoyed seeing this post and especially you and your kids camping and enjoying the ocean time together. You have had one busy summer outside with family and friends. You have such wonderful memories tucked away to last you through to next season of being outdoors with those you love.

  6. What a lovely recap of the summer's adventures. I love your final statement--tans fade (so do sunburns, if you're me) but memories last forever. Happy September to you!

  7. And what good memories they are! Thanks for sharing them with us. And where did your baby go? Ivy is all grown up and just one of the gang now!

  8. What a wonderful recap of your busy summer Marg. It's so nice to see your family together and Ivy is getting SO big! It's been a summer of much joy and sorrow as you said goodbye to a special father! Cousin times like these are special times. Off we go to September ...

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  10. I love your backyard!!! What a wonderful view from your porch! And I loved your quote...The tans will fade...so true!


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