Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Yesterday & Today

 It was on this homestead that the Bartel family settled in 1951.
Little did I know that I would share ownership in this farm.
In September 1973, I married John and soon there after I became a partner in the family business.
I had always heard of all the parties that the Bartel families had entertained prior to my time.

 Here is a typical after wedding party that happened at the Bartel farm in the early 60's.
Notice the street, Bustin Road lined with cars/pickups, from the 50/60's era
and the farm house in the back ground.
Dancing was not allowed for Mennonites,
so they decided to break the rules and called it 'circle games.'
Yes, the girls wore dresses...and the men looked smartly dressed.
Well those same people who were at this party years back have changed slightly.

On this day, July 10th, 2015 many of the same people came back and 
reminisced about the days gone past,
shared stories of long ago and reconnected around old-fashioned fellowship.
We gathered together to Celebrate Papa's Life of 103 years.

 "Where did all the Flowers go?"
"When a Man Loves a Women
"All You Need is Love"
"Hey Jude"
 Notice how the cars are parked parallel, down the long lane on both sides.
These automobiles look slightly different.
I wonder if they will ever become vintage.

 Has much really changed?
Not really.
Given an opportunity, family loves to come together to reminisce and reconnect.

 I always wonder how the next generation will connect with family?
Will they connect under tents and sing songs?
I wonder if they will be singing,
"Grandpa Tell Me About the Good Old Days"

"All I know is that we have this moment to hold in our hand,
And to touch as it slips through our fingers like sand.
Yesterday's gone and tomorrow may never come,
But we have this moment today."


  1. Wonderful post Marg. I love that photo of everyone joining hands in a circle with those great cars parked in the background. Such a great historical shot along with the first black and white...

  2. I also enjoyed the old photos taken before I was aware of time or what era it was. My eyes are always drawn to the look of those vintage cars and old farmhouse. It would be so much more fun to decorate those than the huge farmhouses along our farm roads today. How special you have these memories in photos. Like you said, we don't know how it will look in the future, but we have today to make new memories.

  3. I love the history captured in the old photos. Family gatherings are good places to make history.

  4. It's wonderful that you have such a suitable property for large gatherings and that you share it with so many. Loved seeing the old photos! My parents had "circle games" at their wedding in the 1950s too.

  5. What good memories...and captured so well in the old photos! Though much has changed...some things will always remain. You may no longer be on the old homestead...but I know that people love to gather at your place!

  6. What a wonderful legacy, Marg! I love how you continue to carry on the traditions but allow them to change with the times--just like the cars.

  7. Those pictures of the old homestead and the wedding circle are fantastic! How wonderful to reminisce the good old days and to enjoy and make new memories with such a wonderful gathering of folks! There are only a few of us still farming over here and it's always so much fun to have family gatherings on the farm! Loved seeing the row of vintage cars and yes, the future cars will probably look a lot different than they do now - who knows. Your quote at the end is so true!

  8. What a lovely walk down memory lane, Marg. Thank you for the reminder to live each day to its fullest and enjoy every moment. In our busy life we can be easily distracted from this as we fret about the future. Today is ours to fill and enjoy and be grateful for.


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