Thursday, May 21, 2015

This is My Happy Place!

How can one not share the earth's beauty.
The long winter days have ended...
Yes, there's way more time to work...
but when you love what you becomes
Your Happy Place!

 The winter wheat has again completed it's work in becoming a cover crop.
One is woken early by the tractor engines working over time.
 Disking, Poughing, Rotavating, Cultivating Seeding and Planting.
It's all part of farm life.

 And what's under the plastic?
It's all part of a days work.
My little boys thought it was a snow-covered operation.
Meanwhile the potatoes sprouted early in April
and the rest of the vegetables are all growing with fervor.
My morning therapy is taking a walk out to the garden and fields.
Once again, "What's under the plastic?"
Chilliwack Corn is being sprouted and protected.

 Meanwhile, the potting plants are hauled out of the shop,
and brought back for cleaning, dusting and fresh dirt.
A quick juant to the local garden shop, brings fresh beauty.
 The garden beds are bursting forth with buds. 
The pots are planted and now it's time to enjoy the beauty.
 If you could grab a coffee and lounge chair,
which corner of my yard would suit your fancy?
Front yard facing east toward Mt. Cheam.
 Backyard facing west toward the corn fields.
Patio with a fireplace for the cooler evenings.

Join me and let's share a glass of refreshing lemonade.
Summer is here and I'm in 'My Happy Place'.


  1. I'd say any part of your yard looks perfect, Marg! It's a beautiful time of year except for the cottonwood flying around our parts. Is it just my imagination or is that cottonwood I see on your blog too? =)

  2. We don't have any cottonwood trees, but I love that's like snow and last year on our cycling trip we drove through fields of the soft and stunning.

  3. And it looks just as good close up! I know. I checked out a BBQ on the back patio...and some time around the firepit. And the garden. And the corn fields. Next time let's have coffee up front...with the 'Cheam view'!

  4. Every corner looks inviting, Marg, and will be enjoyed at different times by all who come.

  5. Such a lovely setting! I'm so glad that it is your happy place, too!

  6. Everything looks stunning Marg!! Every view looks so inviting. Happy places indeed. Our season is far behind yours. It's terribly dry and cool (tonight we may get a frost) but the coming week looks promising with warmer temps and much needed rain. Very little of my vegetable garden has sprouted yet - but the rhubarb is at it's prime right now. Enjoy your happy place - you have worked hard!

  7. OH, your yard looks so lovely! Farming is a lot of work, but what great rewards.

  8. awww.... I have a farm-girl's heart ... no life in the city could ever tempt me! Love the photos of your 'best place to be' !

  9. Undoubtedly I'd want to sit by that outdoor fire pit! With coffee!


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