Thursday, May 21, 2015

This is My Happy Place!

How can one not share the earth's beauty.
The long winter days have ended...
Yes, there's way more time to work...
but when you love what you becomes
Your Happy Place!

 The winter wheat has again completed it's work in becoming a cover crop.
One is woken early by the tractor engines working over time.
 Disking, Poughing, Rotavating, Cultivating Seeding and Planting.
It's all part of farm life.

 And what's under the plastic?
It's all part of a days work.
My little boys thought it was a snow-covered operation.
Meanwhile the potatoes sprouted early in April
and the rest of the vegetables are all growing with fervor.
My morning therapy is taking a walk out to the garden and fields.
Once again, "What's under the plastic?"
Chilliwack Corn is being sprouted and protected.

 Meanwhile, the potting plants are hauled out of the shop,
and brought back for cleaning, dusting and fresh dirt.
A quick juant to the local garden shop, brings fresh beauty.
 The garden beds are bursting forth with buds. 
The pots are planted and now it's time to enjoy the beauty.
 If you could grab a coffee and lounge chair,
which corner of my yard would suit your fancy?
Front yard facing east toward Mt. Cheam.
 Backyard facing west toward the corn fields.
Patio with a fireplace for the cooler evenings.

Join me and let's share a glass of refreshing lemonade.
Summer is here and I'm in 'My Happy Place'.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Another Princess!

 May 2 arrived....
The sun was shining brightly.

The early morning news released a statement that a Princess was born.
 We eagerly awaited for the arrival of her name: 
Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Meanwhile our hearts were eagerly waiting  to witness the
wedding ceremony of 
Jeremy & Tara.

The pews were decorated with royal blue paper flowers.
The back drop had photos of both the groom, bride and the boys.

 He's standing tall....waiting for the arrival of his 'princess'

Our princess, Ivy arrived in her chariot and once again she stole the show.

Then, the real 'princess' arrived, with a big smile, looking stunning in her dress,
 as her brother Tyler walked her down the aisle.

Tara's beauty is felt by everyone as she turns, nods, and acknowledges her guests.
 A royal blue sash was worn around her waist, which added a perfect touch.
The groom chose his sons to stand by his side.
They acted just like boys...we smiled and laughed.

 The intimate vows were said...
a few tears were wiped,
and a prayer was given for the newly weds.

  Instead of lighting the unity candles,
they chose to make one snow cone and added four different flavors,
 symbolizing the blending of all their personalities.

"Now don't spill the syrup on the church carpet."
Only I would be thinking those words.

 The guests are asked to stand and a
 'prayer of blessing' was given to the family.

The registry was signed.  It's finally official.

  The exchange of rings and  they were pronounced man and wife.
'Mr. & Mrs. Bartel',
And the boys cheered on with enthusiasm.

 And the happy couple danced down the aisle.

Meanwhile family members viewed on with curiousity.

 The reception was held in the Squiala Lodge.
This was one Happy Place.
As you entered the hall, you realized quickly that their decor theme
was about the British science fiction television program,  Dr. Who
Royal blue table cloths with white satin table runners.
A candy bar that kept the children happy, as they filled their own bags.
Twenty dozen cupcakes baked by one of our own.

They were freshly baked and decorated with Dr. Who tardis toppers.
If you are looking for a perfect cupcake...check out K's Cupcakery.
Tara obviously loved details and her passion for creativity kept us curious
as she insisted that this would be a simple wedding.
Did I say this was a Happy Place?
 Friends, family, food and fun.
Imagine having your children entertained in bouncy castles while the adults visited.

This wedding truly reflected their love for each other.
But it also reflected their love for their families, especially their boys.
I'm sure there will be more weddings with bouncy castles.

 When it was all said and done,
the 'impossible bride' Tara jumped in her own car with her dress 
and started organizing the clean up crew.

It was not possible for their Opa and Oma to attend this occasion.
But as always, he left you with that special message that Silas read:

"The Lord bless you and keep you; 
The Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."
Numbers 6:24-26.

This day, May 2, has truly been blessed with more than one 
'royal princess'.