Friday, April 10, 2015

Who Steals the Show?

This Easter was special again.
Last year we celebrated Mikki's & Joe's wedding.
And there was no Paska!
This year the traditions carried on as usual.

 Instructions were given carefully.
If the egg was obviously was Ivy's.

 Her first Easter participating in hunting for eggs.
She caught on very quickly.

 She quite liked it...but I don't know if she actually got the chocolates.

I wonder who ate the chocolates?

The grass was a perfect length for  hiding the eggs.

 If only she knew what was inside...

Meanwhile the boys hunted...these eggs were not visible.
They searched and searched.
I can see why it's hard to see at times.

It seems like even the adults enjoy searching for those eggs.
I don't know if that's fair...looks who's the tallest.
 Jeremy and Tara are dreaming...and smiling as they sat by the fire
drinking coffee and eating Paska for an appetizer.

Paska is our traditional Easter Bread which can be formed in many ways and it's delicious.

 And at the end of the day...she gave hugs and smiles for all.
It's easy to see who really steals the show around our place.

Of course we missed Mikki and Joe!


  1. Steals the show indeed!!! What a sweetie. What a delightful report on your Easter 2015.

  2. Love that hug. So cute. It's so much fun to hunt for eggs. Glad the boys were challenged and that Ivy could see her stash in plain site!

  3. Ivy looks so sweet in her bright sweater, hunting eggs. It was a good Easter here, too. Hope your leg is healing.

  4. Sweet! Smiles all around. That first year just flew by...and now she is running around the yard looking for eggs with the big boys.

  5. What a darling little girl and such a beautiful hoodie sweater. When our daughter was small, we used to have an Easter egg hunt at my sister-in-law's house in Coquitlam. Arlene had two cousins (both older than she) and one year the eldest asked us to hide the eggs in the house so that the neighbours wouldn't know that Steve was still looking for them! :) xoxox

  6. AWW.... how precious those 'firsts' are ... such a sweetie , and precious boys too!


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