Monday, April 20, 2015

How Many Weddings?

 It was exactly one year ago...April 19th we gathered together,
in the drenching others reminded me of that chilling day.
Regardless of the weather,  Joe and Mikki were married.

 They were equipped for the rain!
Their smiles say it all!
Happy Anniversary Mikki and Joe!

 Here they are, a year later...enjoying the best year of their lives.

She just texted me a photo of their  overnight resort on Mt. Shasta.
That's where they both found each other and have created memories. 
I love the enthusiasm of the 'young and fearless'

 The New Wedding Party!

  What's looming in the future?
Wedding preparations are taking place.
Have you guessed the color theme?
 We are excited to invite Tara into our family.
 Mikki and Tara both chose the same flower girl.

Remember we talked about who's stealing the show?
It's obvious...this little one has won many a heart.

Have you guessed what their theme is?
We're looking forward to celebrating with Jeremy and Tara.
May 2, 2015.
Three weddings in three years...
Isn't that enough?


  1. Marg, how exciting for your family! Dairymary

  2. Wonderful news and Happy Anniversarys!! Ivy sure is the star. Did you knit those beautiful hats? How I wish I could knit (I'm resigned to my primitive crochet attempts for now - ha). I had to smile at the Mt. Shasta "resort". Have fun with the wedding preparations and the joy of seeing your children so happy!

  3. Happy Anniversary to Mikki and Joe! Three weddings in three years, wow! What fun to see all the differences between the couples choices, too.

  4. That is exciting news! I think three weddings in three years is a good plan. Looks like you are all a happy group!

  5. Congratulations on the one year anniversary Mikki and Joe. I love your resort destination.
    Looks like a lot more celebrating is happening with Tara and Jeremy. Glad we can join in the celebrations with you all!

  6. Happy Anniversary to Mikki and Joe! I love how they have embraced their life together on top of the mountain! Wishing them many more wonderful years together.
    It is so fun to see these weddings unfold and to be a part of it as a cheerleader from the background.

  7. Where did that year go? Happy anniversary to Mikki and Joe. I'm smiling at the venue for their anniversary getaway!

    And now...looking forward to joining you at the next wedding celebration with the same wee flower girl. What fun! I'm seeing a lot of blue (my favorite colour).

  8. What a great post!!!! Have a great wedding! We will be having a Reimer family gathering in Wpg while you are celebrating on May 2! So many changes for your family - WOW!

  9. Three in three years - what joy! By the time this one's over you will be able to hang out a shingle as a Wedding Planner! The smile on your son's face says it all!


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