Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Next Leg of My Journey

 I received this card for my birthday and I wondered who had taken this photo of me.
That's exactly what I looked like when I was younger.
Anyways that's exactly what I've been trying to do, strengthen my leg muscles.

I experienced a freak ski accident which resulted in a multiple knee injury,
I've been under an intensive physio program.
The MRI images implied that surgery was necessary.
I was told that I was too old for surgery.
But with the help of my physio therapist, I'm determined to beat the odds.

I have accumulated over 25 exercises that need to be repeated 3x daily.
Here I'm trying to raise  my leg...strengthen those gluts.
It takes every concentrated effort.
My whole living room looks like a work out place.
Tension bands, ice paks, braces, pillows....

 There you have it...I'm pushing that leg into the wall, getting that stretch.
Stretching and straightening the leg.
So hopefully by the time I have completed my therapy program,
I will be able to physically demonstrate the above technique on the card.

 This past week, my physio asked me to take a tea towel,
lay it on the floor and scrunch it with my toes toward me.
I burst out laughing...thinking,
 if only my Menno friends could see me.

At our last social event,  I was curious to see
how many of the girls could complete this exercise.
There were many laughs...as I pulled out my table napkins.

I was the only one who could not curl my toes.
Try it....Can you curl your toes?
Do you recognize any of these gorgeous feet?

 When I'm not exercising I'm airing my brain outside.
With the help of a bike trainer, I cycle.
I open the garage door which allows me to feel wind, rain and sun.
And what inspires me more, is a view of the snow capped mountain range.
This is 'respite' for me.

 Today, I had the most wonderful drive into Hope, checking out Camp Kawkawa.
I savored the view of Mount Hope...seeing every glacier and crevice,
envisioning climbing it with snow shoes or heli-skiing down it's slopes.
I've realize that as long as I keep my focus above....
my dreams will come together again.
 My dreams may be restructured...but I will beat the odds.

 Meanwhile my hands are keeping busy...I have no time to waste.
Soon I will be heading back to Manning Park.
I wonder what will be the next leg of my journey?


  1. Marg - I love your positive attitude and determination - it looks like you are making good progress! The tea towel toe scrunch picture is great. I need to try that. Your next leg will surely be good as you continue to improve.

  2. Love the card! You'll be kicking up your legs again before you know it. :) For now...just curl up the toes and stretch the muscles. Oh...and keep knitting!

  3. I picture you as the energizer bunny, Marg . . . even bringing one of your exercises to my house! =)
    As your battery recharges, you keep going, concentrate on what you can do and never lose hope. Your next leg of the journey has exciting things in store. Love that view out of your garage!
    " . . . when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I." Ps 61:2

  4. Your beautiful view, positive attitude, and good "toe-crunching" friends should help you recover quickly. Meanwhile, the knitting will benefit someone lucky, too. Hope you are soon able to do those things you enjoy.
    P.S. That card does look like you!

  5. Love your positive attitude, Marg! You are one determined lady and I wouldn't be surprised to see you skiing again. You're not the only one who can't curl her toes.....I have never been able to do that, especially not like the pro on the left of the photo.

  6. Oh my, I don't think I was ever able to do that leg lift. It's great that you are disciplining yourself to do your exercise routine! You are an inspiration, Marg!

  7. Good luck with your therapy. You can do it, I'm sure you can! Good exercises here, that I should probably be doing too. Take care and God bless. xoxox

  8. Keep on knitting! It will help your brain and your fingers. I had to laugh about the tea towel exercise. Being the very lazy sort, I regularly pick up things I drop on the floor with my toes. Always have. Oh, and keep on exercising!

  9. You are a STAR, Marg! I just know that you will get your leg strengthened to the point where anything will be possible - they won't say 'no' to you then!


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