Monday, March 9, 2015

Do You Know Anyone Who's 103?

February birthdays are finished, but March 2 follows quickly and once again,
we've all celebrated our Papa's 103 birthday.

Papa is bright, healthy and brimming with smiles as he sits waiting for his guests.
Papa, you have touched many peoples lives and have left a legacy 
that gives hope to future generations.
It was a wonderful privilege to have the Primrose Gardens host this event.
Papa has been living here with Helen for five years and they truly feel loved and accepted.

We truly want to thank Sharon and her staff for adding all the 
special touches that make a birthday party worth celebrating.
Sharon, with tears rolling down her eyes said,
"It's truly an honor to live among the crowd of witnesses who have run the race set before them..
and have thrown off all that entangles them and have run with perseverance,
the race of faith." Hebrews 12:1
What an incredible witness of people who daily surrender their life to God.



We thank you Helen for your special tender care for our Papa.
We all know that he is still with us because of your constant love and commitment.
Brother Peter opened the mealtime and offered the prayer.
In a natural spontaneous response, we all sang the 'Doxology'
 It's wonderful how the siblings gathered around for their special photo shots.
We missed you, Connie, Ursula and Anke.

(photo from his 100th birthday)
And when he's been asked about how he has run the race of life,
he is quick to raise his hand and let us all know that with 
God, all things are possible.


We wish you God's blessings, Papa.


  1. Most special! And no...I do not know anyone who is 103. He has 'run his race' well...and continues to do so.

  2. Happy Birthday! Living to the age of 103 is a huge milestone, but living to that age and still seeming so young is the real gift. I'm sure much wisdom can be gained by sharing time with him. What a celebration.

  3. Wow! 103...not I do not know anyone who is that old. It's so nice that he can still enjoy these celebrations!

  4. Wow! and I just saw Ellen used the same expression! simply amazing! What a nice photo of him at the end there!

  5. What a blessing he is to you, and you to him; He looks wonderful, and Helen is looking so well too!

  6. What a wonderful post, Marg! Your dear father-in-law has lived long and well. What a wonderful example - inspiration - guide to the generations that follow him.

  7. That is an amazing celebration 103 Birthday. Congratulations Hanz! Helen looks gorgeous. Love them both.
    Vern and Martha Willms

  8. Wow - what a wonderful legacy! This is such a special celebration and you've written this "tribute" so lovingly Marg. May there be many more such celebrations for this amazing man.


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