Monday, February 9, 2015

What Month is This?

February Is Birthday Month

  It's the time of year that we all love to celebrate.
 One of my children, in her early years thought that by default
all birthdays were held in one month, the month of FEBRUARY.
It is so so many of us celebrate this next month.

 Cakes are part of every party and each one gets to choose their own.
 We have had the added excitement of celebrating Ivy's first birthday.

 She celebrates with her Opa...just one day prior to his birthday.
And she loves playing with him.
Can you guess her favorite game?

Peek A Boo!

She came into this world hanging onto Monkey for dear life.

Know you know the theme of her birthday.
Her Mum and Dad decorated and baked this beautiful birthday cake.

 Meanwhile I've been laid up after my knee injury.
I was told that I have ruptured a few major ligaments and that I must go to rehab.
Lots of icing and elevated legs lifts.
Meanwhile it has given me time to teach 'finger-knitting' to Silas.
He is  making headbands for everyone.

Meanwhile, Levi keeps busy with volleyball.
And the others continue to ski without me on Saturdays.

Sharing  moments like this keep one inspired....

This week I have an appointment with my 'real therapist'
(her husband Joe is smiling on)
She will assess the injury and we will celebrate our birthdays together.
What better way...

But she instructed me to leave my skis at home.