Monday, January 12, 2015

Too Much Enthusiasm?

My last words of my New Years post reads...
"As I use creative thinking to build upon divine ideas,
my activities become more dynamic and my abilities are enhanced.
Therefore, I enter this new year with optimism, joy and enthusiasm."

Maybe a bit too much!
 This was the day I had been waiting for.
The grands had invited me to go skiing.
 I watched from behind...watched how the boys dressed themselves,
while Tara coached them along.
They no longer needed me, as long as I provided the snacks.
All was going as planned.
"Look at me, Oma!"
"Oma, let's race!"
Enthusiastically, I skied down the hill with a competitive edge.

 Next thing I knew....I was laying on the ground.
One big wipe out... I caught an edge alright.
I lay there trying to gain consciousness of what had just happened.
Before I knew it, the ski patrol team had carefully lifted me onto a ski doo.
By now my enthusiasm was gone.

 And down to the first aid hut...

 Icing my knee...I knew immediately that my ski season was over.

Ski patrol attendants were young, polite and empathetic and very quick to put a smile on my face.
They all knew that our family was raised on the slopes of Manning Park.
Manning Park has seen our family celebrate many events.

So from one enthusiastic ski day to hobbling around home and nursing knee ligaments.
Rehab starts in a few weeks after the swelling goes down.

But what really encouraged me...was my daughter, Mikki.
She's an occupational therapist in Lake Tahoe.

She said, "Oh Mom,  I'm treating patients in their 70's and 80's
with hip and knee replacements getting ready to ski again.
They just can't wait to get back on the hill.
You have a long ways to go!"

I'll be back season.


  1. I'm glad someone thought to take the photos. How nice that the ski patrol were so attentive and nice! Hope re-hab goes well, Marg!

  2. Down...but not out! I know it will take more than that to quash your enthusiasm. Enjoy your down time...and look forward to your 'down the slopes' time next year.

  3. As has been said before, I love your enthusiasm, Marg! Not too many boys can say their Oma hurt her knee while racing them down the ski slopes. May your knee be good as new again soon. It sound like others are waiting on the sidelines for hikes and tennis matches. At least you have some time before summer.

  4. ouch! Sorry about the accident, but I agree that you are amazing for any age! Hope you have a great recovery!

  5. We all know this won't keep you down for long. Between your dear cheering daughter and your helpful hubby and your good attitude, you will be back up on those slopes soon again. Get better soon!

  6. Oh no Marg! So sorry to hear about your mishap. Your enthusiasm and love of skiing are totally admirable. I hope you heal very quickly - so nice that your daughter could encourage you like that! You are amazing.

  7. So glad there was immediate help for you. It's going to be hard to do life at a slower pace...I'm hoping the healing process goes fast and that you are good to go without any troubles. Take care my friend.

  8. Sorry to hear about your ending. All too familiar with surprised falls and off to the ER while doing in sports. Glad you had good attention and I'm sure the boys will be begging for you to try again once you are ready. Our family talks of our fun trips to Big sky, the Canadian slopes and our little hill near us where we had family season's passes. Get good books to read and time will go pass quickly. Emmy

  9. You are a remarkable woman, Marg - skiing with your grands and all of the other activities you take part in. Knowing you, you'll be back on the slopes first thing next year!

  10. Well, Marg, you certainly know how to make memories in your family........even at your own expense. I'm sure that the kids and grandkids will be telling the story of Oma racing on the ski hill for years and years. You are a very special Oma!!


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