Monday, December 22, 2014

So This Is Christmas!

"So this is Christmas..."
Can you hear me singing the words?

 Saturday, the clock struck early.
Trimmings, stuffing, peeling potatoes, washing vegetables, preparing salads....

"Oh my, it looks like someone is late."

I reminded them to check their google calenders as requested.
Weeks of preparation, baking and wrapping....for this one special day.

  Place cards laid on the table....keeps things less complicated.

"No, I want to sit with Tara"

 Dessert trays...

"I'm full Mom, can we eat those tomorrow?"

Supper is gobbled down in 30 minutes flat!
I'm not even sure that John got to sit down.

 "When do we open presents Oma?'  echoed the voices of young and old?

And guess who enjoys opening her gifts?

 7:00 pm   Everyone is waiting....for skype time with Mikki and Joe...

Three technicians and we can't hook skype up to the big screen?

Hours later we visit with loved ones from afar.

Mom comes to the rescue with her Ipad

Ivy shows her excitement as she recognizes her aunt and uncle.

" Hey, someone didn't get a gift."

We all pulled names..
Did someone not read correctly...?
Iphones were quickly drawn checking their latest emails.
Ooops!... there seems to be some confusion.

"Mom, I did not receive your package!"

Oh year I'll send the gifts in summer.
I tracked the gifts this morning.
"Oh yes," Madame, "priority 2-day service"
Seems like things got lost in the mail.

 And Ivy looks on with awe and wonder.
The Christmas Story is read by the boys while waiting to open the large black gift.

The 'large black gift" will be postponed to next week.

And the front page cover from the Calender  is revealed...

They argued....
they all thought they deserved the front cover.

Guess who won?
She was spotted on every page.

"And so this WAS Christmas....
I hope you have fun!
The near and the dear one...
The young and the old..."



  1. I very much enjoyed reading this post. As I am prepping food and gifts for the big day, it is the perfect reminder for me this day is about the love we share and receive. The love that was born in a stable and we continue to celebrate each year.

  2. Oh Marg - this post is so wonderful!! Your meal and home look amazing! Ivy is absolutely adorable. Now you've got me singing that song ..."A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Let's hope it's a good one without any fear". I am so thankful that we need not fear and that we have been so blessed with the gift of a Saviour! God bless you all this Christmas!

  3. Oh the innocence of the babe, Ivy. She's probably the only one with the fewest expectations on the day. Great post, Marg.

  4. Looks like a great celebration! The food, family gathered together, and sweet little Ivy! Merry Christmas!

  5. Oh, the things that make up a family . . . your post is full of the love and things that make it click.
    The lost parcel will be ever so welcomed when it does come and the memories made once more will be added to the secrets and the laughter in the walls. Glad you can rest now as you reflect on the many blessings of this past year.

  6. This is a real family Christmas. We can all relate to one thing or another! The important thing is the love that you share and it is so good you can smile with your flexible plan.

  7. Loved seeing you all together having family time. all the thought and time we put into making things perfect...when the perfectness is that we know the true meaning of Christmas and family love is down to earth real ways. Crashing on the couch.....ah yes!

  8. Thought the well-laid plans make go awry...unforgettable memories are made! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas celebration...with Ivy right in there, enjoying every moment. Now you have me singing that I prepare for our family Christmas.

  9. Loved your account of Christmas - not turning out as planned (Really now, is it ever exactly as planned?) But from the joy in the faces of your family you can tell that the love shared is the most important thing. Way to go for not letting the glitches spoil the day! Merry Christmas Marg and John.


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