Monday, November 3, 2014

Thank You God!

 It poured and poured all weekend.
I prayed,  "God can you give me one window of 30 minutes of sunshine?"
I did not think that was too much to ask.
The clock ticked 3:00 pm.
The rain stopped.
The sun shone!

 Everyone marched off to the 'alien garden'
Again, our alien garden is a pile of dirt in the back 40!
It's a pile that gets secretly planted each spring and it's always a surprise for the family.
They all knew one thing for sure....the  alien garden yielded pumpkins.
 Everyone had to help pick up the pumpkins.

 And this was Ivy's first year attending and she knew which pumpkin she wanted.
And they rolled the pumpkins into the trailer.

And off they rolled home to be carved.

A smile that tells you everything is fine.
And the carving competitions began as they used their motorized tools.

This truly is a family affair.
One draws, one holds, and one cuts.
Levi is showing us his new skills as his dad looks on.
Silas with the help of Tara scooped out the pumpkin seeds.

 While they carved Ivy and I cooked up supper and enjoyed the swing.

It's fun sharing the family traditions with our newest members.
There was a place set for everyone.

 And Opa made his pumpkin delivery.

 These are the smiles that keep our family times special.
 Cooler nights are the clue that Fall is in the air and the nights are shorter.
Thank you God for 30 minutes of sunshine.


  1. Great pictures of a fun family tradition!! I love the idea of an alien garden and those pumpkins are beautiful! 30 minutes of sunshine can sure make a difference! Love Ivy's toothy smile - she is growing so fast. So nice to "see" you again Marg .... you've been missed over here.

  2. Looks like such a fun family tradition. Ivy is growing with leaps and bounds. Those pumpkin faces are hilarious!

  3. What a fun family tradition! I love how Ivy is growing so aware of it all, like she has always been there.

  4. Oh Marg! What a wonderful post! Treasure each minute you have with those little ones!

  5. A wonderful tradition - I was behind this year and carved my pumpkin in about 5 min! Finished just in time for the first little trick or treater at the door :)

  6. What a lovely tradition! I love your huge pumpkins and can only imagine the fun tradition you have carving them together. I have missed your posts!


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