Monday, September 1, 2014

It's Really September?

It's truly September 1 and it's officially Labor Day!
The last day before school starts?  NOT in BC!
The cooler days are back, there is early morning dew.
And tonight when I looked out, the long shadows told me that fall was in the air.
Did I say this is my favorite time of the year?

The golden corn fields are yielding their crops.
Early morning pickings.
It's your last chance to get the best fresh corn in town.

Check out the signs in town and you will know where to find us.

Imagine hand picked corn at its best.

There are some wonderful recipes on MGCC for creamed corn.
Type in 'creamed corn' in the google search and you won't be sorry.
Preserve some of this sweet Jubilee for those long winter months.

Yes, Fall is here,  take time to  enjoy the shorter evenings.
But my summer adventures are not finished......


  1. I really love Fall/Autumn, too. That corn looks so inviting. Your photos are golden and beautiful!

  2. Aw yes - these are the golden days!!! I love them too. Curious what "summer" still holds for you Marg!

  3. Marg, your photos are stunning! The colors, the details, the sense of comfort they offer. The corn looks so perfect- I must go buy dome. My mother made delicious creamed corn ( in the oven) . Brings back good memories.

  4. I meant to type the word some- not dome. Sorry!

  5. As much as I love the look of fall, I can't say that i am happy it's already here:( I love summer, and am not ready to let it go!

  6. Fall in SoCal is usually just hot and dry. I look forward to December and January for cooler weather. But I remember Fall was my favorite season when I lived in Oregon. :)
    Autumn is a great season for knitting hats and scarves.

  7. We've been feasting on Silver Rill corn here on the Island - soooo good!! I'm always sad when the season is past.


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