Monday, September 15, 2014

Never Stop Dreaming!

 It's amazing how the time flies by.
Forty one years years ago...I was walking down the the aisle.
A young bride and groom brimming full of  anticipation
 of living a life together not knowing what the future held.

Forty one years later our family has expanded.
This past week we celebrated Levi's 11th birthday.
A day trip up the new 'Sea to Sky Gondola' life in Squamish,
gave our grandsons another adventure, as they hiked, and scrambled 
through the rocks and stones while I tried to gently scramble behind them.
The trail was packed with tourists, when one of them blurted out loudly

"I didn't know that Oma's could run..."
They put me in my place.
 Who would of known that this little gal would be helping me in my kitchen.
"This is the way we wash our clothes, wash our clothes...."
She's schootching all over the place.
The laundry basket keeps her well contained.

"I didn't really like my dinner,
so I dumped it down the side of my chair and I'm proud of it."

 Who would of  known that 41 years later my husband would 
need some culinary advice on how to eat Bratwurst?
We were sitting in an outside patio in Austria and ordered our standard food.
We politely asked for cutlery.
The waitress said,
"Mr. John, let me show you how to eat Bratwurst."
She took his hand and dipped it into the mustard and horse radish
and then continued to shove his hand to his mouth.
 " Now that's how you eat Bratwurst in Austria"

 Who would of known that we would be cycling the Danube river?
One amazing accomplishment and highlight over this past year.

 "It's the dreams of our hearts that bring us 
luck and happiness along our way."

I still feel like a young bride brimmed full of excitement for the future.
I'm grateful for the life I've been given and feel blessed to share this day.

Love is patient, Love is kind.
1 Corinthians 13:4

Monday, September 8, 2014

Summer Adventures ~ Mountains!

I love the great outdoors and there's no better 
day for me, than hanging out with those I love.

 Look who's hiking with her Mum. 

 This Mum and her daughter Ivy hike weekly.
I was lucky enough to tag along and stay paced.

 A quick trip to Lake Tahoe allowed me to catch up with Mikki.
She kept me busy: hiking  cycling and kayaking.

 A slow paced stroll took me up the Squaw Grind...

 only to soak ourselves in pools and hot tubs at the top.
Squaw Valley was home to the Winter Olympics in 1960.
A most amazing experience.

In June we travelled to Europe to visit family in Germany.
My niece, Ursula took us up the Spitzingsee another alpine hike in the German alps.
There is so much to do and so much to see.
One cannot help but loose oneself up in the alps.

 We traveled the most scenic 'GrossGlockner' alpine road in the Austrian alps.
The road is widely travelled in the summer months only,
by cyclists, motorcycles, and high powered vehicles.

 While they traveled with the car to the highest peak,
I took the hard route and climbed the last mile.

 This adventure starts at 1300 meters above sea level and brings you 
up to 3800 meters measuring to 12,000 feet.

 The High Taurern (GrossGlockner )National Park, 1833 square kilometers large,
and is the biggest national park in central Europe. 
It covers three regions, Carinthia, Salzburg and Tyrol, 
including the highest mountains of the eastern Alps.

 And look who crossed the border to catch up with family last week.
Yes, all her legal work is completed and she's free to come and go again.
What a wonderful hike up Mt. Thom.
The summer weather continues and adventures lie ahead.

 And today, September 8th, family members young and old
enjoyed clibing together the old famous 'Abby Grind!'
This week we're celebrating a milestone of 50!
Guess who?
So if you can't get to Europe....there are lots of hikes right here in the valley.

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”

I think they said it's 'Grouse Grind' next.

Monday, September 1, 2014

It's Really September?

It's truly September 1 and it's officially Labor Day!
The last day before school starts?  NOT in BC!
The cooler days are back, there is early morning dew.
And tonight when I looked out, the long shadows told me that fall was in the air.
Did I say this is my favorite time of the year?

The golden corn fields are yielding their crops.
Early morning pickings.
It's your last chance to get the best fresh corn in town.

Check out the signs in town and you will know where to find us.

Imagine hand picked corn at its best.

There are some wonderful recipes on MGCC for creamed corn.
Type in 'creamed corn' in the google search and you won't be sorry.
Preserve some of this sweet Jubilee for those long winter months.

Yes, Fall is here,  take time to  enjoy the shorter evenings.
But my summer adventures are not finished......