Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summertime Adventures ~ What is Family?

 What is a Family?
It's summer time and to me there is no more perfect way 
than to celebrate family in the fresh outdoors.
A family is a mobile, an art form, an exciting art career, 
because an art form needs work.
A family has roots in the past and is stretching out into the future.
Family offers hope and encouragement to those who treasure the values of family life.
This past weekend we had a family celebration which incorporated it's own art form.
 Family brings young and old together!

Family enjoys snuggling baby Ivy.

 Family comes to welcome Great Opa and Great Oma!

 Family can ask questions from a six year old,
who looks up and asks his Great Opa,
"Are you really 102 years old?"
 Family includes Aunt Gerry who comes from Calgary,
and family cleans for Aunt Gerry's arrival.
 Family allows for deep discussions.

 Family brings laughter and humor.

 Family allows 'big kids' to play with 'little kids'  toys.

 More deep conversations from the heart.

 Family needs Oma's approval and shares stories and photos.

 Family works together as we husk and clean the corn.

 Older cousin takes baby Ivy for a stroll.

 Family loves to gather for photos.

 Some are photogenic and some love to make make Opa laugh.

 Family allows each other to be themselves.

 Family allows for laughter and giggles.

 Family says good-byes, till we meet again.
And at the end of a family day we can thank God for 
creating families and allowing us to share family and creation.

"A family is age, youth, childhood, infancy all strung together on tiny threads.
Blowing in delicate movement independently, yet together.
A family belongs to each other, affected by each other,
compassionate for each other, 
concerned about each other,
interested in each other,
a living mobile never static."
Edith Schaeffer

I love Family!


  1. A family is a beautiful thing, when everyone is loving and supporting one another. We are blessed to have that kind of family!

  2. So glad you could all get together and celebrate all that a family is.
    Wonderful photos Marg!

  3. What a beautiful piece of art!!! The best kind there is.

  4. What special family time you had. It was good to see Gerry there from Calgary. Hopefully sometime she'll be able to make it to see us. I know her schedule is crazy when she comes here. Irene klassen

  5. You captured the meaning of 'family' so well over here. Great pic's of a wonderful family time!

  6. Family...such a treasure! I know you value each member and know how to cultivate relationship through time spent together. Great pics of everyone! Nice to see Gerry...last time I saw her was in church in Calgary.

  7. I didn't know that this post would make me cry - happy tears. I read the post over again and enjoyed your definition of family, as it applies to your family and to mine - universal definition, really. Marg, you nailed it with this one - a beautiful post!

  8. Beautiful Marg. I love the way you celebrate your whole family. It is inspiring and makes me so thankful for you.


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