Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer Adventures ~ Camping with Ivy!

Memories that are reminders that life slips by quickly.
Capture the moment of a sleeping baby.

 Capture a moment of sucking a nectarine out of a grandfather's hand.

 ...a moment of a proud father hugging his child after a tumble.

 ...a moment of a father sharing nature's calming moments.

 Capture an uncle helping her cast her first stones into the river.

 "throw it just like this"

 Capture that big smile.




 Capture a mother with a rod in one hand and a smiling child.

"We have this moment to hold in our hand,
And to touch as it slips through our fingers like sand.
Yesterday's gone and tomorrow may never come,
But we have this moment today."


  1. Such a beautiful post Marg! A darling little Ivy and the love of family. Your poem is brilliant and oh so true!

  2. Oh Ivy is so sweet and she is growing so fast. So wonderful to see the love of family.

  3. Beautiful Marg. Glad you were there to capture the moments!

  4. Ivy is so blessed to be surrounded with so much love, caring and adoration!! Beautiful pictures.

  5. Awwwwe. So sweet! It looks like camping agrees with her!

  6. glad you are showing her off. She's absolutely precious! Looks like her and her uncle are bonding well:) Your mom would have enjoyed seeing you all together camping.

  7. She has 2 teeth! Love her smiles and the way everyone includes her. She will grow into this camping thing so naturally.

  8. Ivy is adorable - those big blue eyes and that smile! You must be having such fun. It's great that you could all go camping together. She is sure to catch the camping bug and be an outdoor girl like her Oma at this rate!

  9. Beautiful expressions of family and the love shared there in! Ivy's smiles are priceless! You have the whole spread of ages from a baby to 102! What a gift!

  10. Catching up after a crazy summer. I loved your post about cycling the Danube. That would be a dream come true for us too. You are so blessed to have your family near by for fun camping trips.


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