Monday, July 28, 2014

Summertime Adventures ~ Cycling the Danube!

A dream come true.
A cycling trip along the shores of  the Blue Danube River.

It was in my early years, that I had a desire to cycle.
On my thirtieth birthday I received a bike from John....
It was a lightweight racing bike...Peugeot!
This bike has travelled many a mile and has shared many a story with many friends.
For now, this bike resides in Vancouver.
Never did I realize that 30 years later we would be cycling in Europe.
(we rented's much easier and more cost effective)

 We chose to go with a 'bike and boat' tour.
The tour accommodates about 75 cyclists.
If someone felt tired and preferred not to cycle,
one could always catch up in the evening on 'Theodore Korner'
(but neither one of us tired)

 This company provided all the basics.
Breakfast buffet, lunch buckets, and full course dining in the evening.
Maybe a bit tight for space, but it's a good marriage test.
We took turns getting organized in the morning, as our space was minimized.

 We had a wonderful valet service.
He  made the regular maintenance checks,
and at the end of a long tiring day...He was there.

 They were lined up German style, PERFECT!
Each day we had to cross the river using smaller ferries.
These were typical ferry boats which transferred us with or bikes.
 Our tour took us along the Danube river, all our paths were off road.
The Danube flows from Passau the city of the three rivers through densely 
wooded slopes of the narrow valley between Bavarian Forest and the Sauwald.
 We were given a detailed map with all the information which highlighted each town's interests.
Generally we had about 8 hours to complete our tour.
Many times we stopped to check our route.

Imagine driving  through the paths with pollen floating like snow from the popular trees.

It looked like a white carpet covering the vegetation.

Cycling through the farmers fields.

 This farmer enjoyed the beauty of the farmland.

 We chose the self led tour, rather than riding with a tour guide.
We preferred to stop at private beer gardens along the way owned by local farmers.
They presented and reflected their own style of hospitality.

 Sometimes we cycled through the cobbled streets of the villages.

And sometimes someone liked to take a risk.
 I think this time he ran into some trouble.
He took the narrow route, while I smiled with my camera.

 Touring through some back allies of local vegetable farmers,

 underneath the highway via ducts,

 gliding along the Danube river with beautiful swans swimming side by side.

 Another cornfield and another farm in the distance.

 We arrived in Melk after four days of cycling between 35-50 km a day.
We had arrived at our final destination!
Passau ~ Obermuhl (50 km)
Oberhuhl ~ Linz (46 km)
Linz ~ Mauthausen (boat)
Mauthasen ~ Grein (36 km)
Grein ~ Melk (46 km )
Melk ~ Wien (transferred into Vienna)

 In the evenings we enjoyed a most delightful meal, a choice of three menus.
The evening lights along the Danube gave for a spectacular authentic view.
We often sat outside on the top deck enjoying the evening breezes.

We then rested in Vienna and attended a few waltz and operetta concerts.

Consider seeing Europe with a different view.
Break away and start pedaling.


  1. I would definitely consider seeing Europe that way! Thanks for giving us a peek into your European adventure. That looks like so much fun!

  2. Oh Marg - this is fantastic!!! I am SO impressed that you did this. Can't wait to show this to the farmer over here. I would have to do some major "shaping up" before attempting this kind of tour and just yesterday we were saying how we need to start doing more cycling and walking - somehow we've fallen off the wagon of late!

    1. He loved this and we immediately checked out the tour company - what fun this would be! Don't be surprised if I ask you about this again sometime Marg!

  3. Really looks like a wonderful way to enjoy the countryside, Marg. I'm glad you were both able to do it and enjoy it!

  4. How exciting and fun! When I was in Salzburg we rode bikes everywhere and I loved it, sounds like a perfect vacation!,,

  5. AnonymousJuly 28, 2014

    Wow, that was interesting. Thanks for taking us along.
    Farm Gal in VA, USA

  6. What fun! Looks like a fabulous trip. I did notice when we were in Germany that they have a lot of walking/cycling paths meandering through the countryside where you don't have to contend with traffic. Wish we had more of those around here.

  7. What a great way to holiday! I enjoyed this Marg - I love to hear about something different like this trip with boat and bike. Those German and Austrian bike paths and walking paths just can't be beaten.

  8. What a beautiful trip Marg. You inspire me with your willingness to take a chance to do something different. The views were gorgeous. I think it looks like a lot of fun. I might have to get myself a bike and start training.

  9. Oh wow that was fun riding along with you here! Once in a life time kind of an adventure. You both look so great! Glad you are enjoying this summer so much!

  10. You are so adventurous! Thanks so much for tempting me to add yet another future adventure to my list:)


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