Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A New Celebration!

It's Canada Day!
Once more we proudly celebrate Canada's Day!
Canada Day is celebrating 147 years of Canadian heritage and confederation.

 It was in the year of 2009 when we had the dream to plant a pole with our 
Canadian Flag.  My brothers all took charge as they carried this pole and hoisted it to the skies.

 The flag proudly flies in the wind and reminds us of our freedom,
as we share this with the next generation.
 This year we will once again celebrate Canada Day in a totally different way.
We are bringing alive an old heritage family reunion.
When I was  10 years old we all met at Berthusan Park for the Schmidt Reunion.
Fifty years later we have recreated this reunion at our home.
We are expecting a large crowd and the weather looks pleasantly hot.
Games like we used to play.
Traditional foods like in the olden days.
Young and old.
And the biggest hit of the day is that 
Oh and our final event will be a FIFA soccer shoot out!
Watch the competition between the Schmidt siblings.

 Today, we will once again hoist a new flag and sing our national anthem.
Happy Canada's Day to all of You!


  1. Oh how wonderful!!! What a great day this will be. I look forward to seeing and hearing all about it.
    Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy. We are indeed blessed to live in this great country!

  2. Happy Canada Day to your and all your guests! Looks like you held out for the good weather day for your celebration!

  3. The old and the new...have a great Canada Day celebration, whatever you do!

  4. Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate! Wishing you a very Happy Canada Day from the birthplace of Confederation :)

  5. Smiling at Kathie's comment! Sounds like you had great family party!
    So good to see families play together!

  6. Happy Canada Day! We are getting ready to celebrate our July 4th tomorrow and our country's freedom. My summer is going by too quickly, how about yours?

  7. I look forward to reading about the celebration - what a great idea!

  8. I remember the year your flag pole was hoisted. What great memories you are making every year. I am glad that your Canada day was wonderful.


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