Friday, May 2, 2014

Wedding Nostaligia

Thursday morning arrived, two days before the wedding.  My boxes of decor, suitcases, dress clothes were about to be packed in a strategic manner with the the wedding gown and veil packed right on top.   All boxers were left open in case of a quick inspection at the border. For days and months, my kitchen table and island became the holding spot of wedding decor from wood, to bark, antique vases, candles, votives, ribbon, draperies, wedding invitations, copper vases and seating charts,  but eventually it all came together. If the bride had an idea...we made it happen.

 My cluttered dining table...but how pretty.
It was a constant work of art being created and changed daily.
At times, I did not know where to carry on with her collections and ideas.
It was obvious I needed more space.

We had experienced enough border crossings, always being careful and truthful.
But what would this border crossing look like?
I was anxious once again.
Would they make me unpack my whole vehicle?
We stopped at the customs, they asked a few questions.
"What, your daughter is getting married to an American?"
"Has she completed her paperwork?"
They handed us the orange slip, told us to park our vehicle,
and called us in to the customs office to check our passports.
Can you imagine the sweaty palms?
I'm sure my face had "TROUBLE" written on it.
They cross-checked our passports, with her K-1 Visa, 
smiled and said we were good to go.
 Packed all the wedding decor into our suite at the resort, as fast as we could
and went downstairs to the lounge and relaxed with a  chilled drink.

 The tables, looked beautifully set with her decor ideas.
She chose a Washington wine, with her name in mind,
"Chateau St. Michelle"
 Homemade bees wax candles, 
with a text from there wedding poem, lined with a myrtle branch.
Placed on the butter plates were organic chocolate bars, 
with their names and wedding date engraved on the wrappers. 
These were made in the Mt. Shasta region.
She chose colors that blended well with a soft vintage theme.

How many of you remember using your mother's china for the head table?
I know at my wedding, we used my Mother's china, 'Victoriana Rose by Paragon'
Somehow, I did not venture to take my china across the border.

 But at the end of the evening, I could tell that everyone had a wonderful time,
with hands raised and napkins waving as they cheered on the the newlyweds

 I will miss those days....
but I also love my fresh bouquet of flowers on my uncluttered island.
It's time for coffee, friends.


  1. The memories of our daughter's wedding came rushing back to me just now!!! Everything was so beautiful and so thankful for you that things went well at the border crossing too! I love the idea of using your mom's good china on the head table. The only thing we used in memory of my mom was to make a butter lamb for the bride and groom's table. Wonderful memories made Marg. I'll have a virtual coffee with you, my friend.

  2. I so enjoy being able to see the behind the scenes and the table settings. Just lovely! So glad it all went well at the border.

  3. A destination wedding is always a bit more challenging. I know we did one at home and one in Calgary. I remember the countless trips to Calgary, and a whole lot of 'stuff' went there and came back:) It was worth it all.....and I know you feel the same. Enjoyed seeing the process at your home. A lovely bouquet is always a sweet reminder.

  4. AnonymousMay 02, 2014

    Marg, the memories will be with you for a long time! Great that you shared it with us. Our daughter's wedding was also a destination wedding - for us...Out in Alberta at a reservoir/lake near the farm where they live. Lots of 'country 'themed decorations went from our farm to theirs for the outdoor even 13 years ago. Dairymary

  5. Everything looked so beautiful, Marg. I can imagine those sweaty palms at the border crossing! Chateau Ste Michelle is just a few minutes away from our house. Their summer concerts are wonderful. Love those hammered pitchers for holding the bouquets.

  6. What an undertaking!....all that gear across the border! I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely re-cap of the arrangements and the day. What wonderful memories you've made to last your daughter and son-in-law a lifetime!

  7. It is fun to read about your wedding. I can sure relate to the covered counter with wedding items. I'm sure you will soon have another project to fill up your mind (and counters). Life is good!

  8. It was all beautiful! So glad I could have an 'up close and personal' view of everything.


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