Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Project Completed!

 The wedding was over and the next morning,
Easter Monday morning...the working crew appeared on our doorstep.
We have dreamt about this renovation project for years.
But first we had to decide what had to be removed to accommodate our design.
 The back patio was tarped as it was pouring buckets.
They began to demolish the old concrete...only to find out
that our back steps were all rotten.
OUCH!  We had not planned on renovating the back porch.
We were just going to concrete a small section.
 Decisions were made, that it all had to go...in order for it to look proper.
The gas line needed to be dug and installed according to inspections.

 Many hours of hard physical labor were put to use.
The new foundation was poured.
My job was to approve, make coffee and bake snacks.
 The artist himself, Dave from Legendworks, created the final design of the hearth.
I loved watching them cut and chisel their rocks piece by piece,
mixing the mortar and piecing the puzzle together.

 And the drum roll began.
After hours of contemplating and  designing patterns,
the man behind this whole dream gave us a thumbs up!

 Regulations prohibit us from fire pits from May till October.
Therefore we went with a gas fire pit which can be used year round.
No more chopping and hauling wood and waiting for coals to be the right temperature.
 Our dream has become a reality as we sit with the 
grand kids while they cuddle and eat schmores.
Ivy is waiting for her turn.


  1. What a great idea to have a gas fire pit! We have a little metal free standing fire pit, but I'd love to have one like yours! I'm sure you will get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Enjoy those smores!

  2. Very nice. Good idea to go with the gas pit that can be enjoyed year round!

  3. Knowing a bit of your lifestyle, I know this will be like an extension of your home in many ways
    and a lot of good times will be had around this pit.

  4. What a difference from the last time we sat outside with you enjoying a wonderful summer meal. Enjoy your fire pit..I know you will make many beautiful memories around the fire.

  5. Very nice Marg!!! I love the fire pit. Those lucky workers to be the recipients of your good advice and baking!! It seems there is always more to a job than expected but it looks like you did it up right!

  6. Oh, wow! That looks wonderful! So beautiful and inviting. Well done, you! :O xoxox

  7. Love it! I'm looking forward to the fire pit inauguration party one day soon!

  8. What a great idea! We have an outdoor stove that we are not allowed to use during the seasons when it would be most appreciated. I'll have to file that idea away for future use. What fun you'll have around the fire.


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