Saturday, May 10, 2014

Only a Mother's Reflections

There are always a few last thoughts that each one of us clings to.
 Some of these will remain in my heart forever.
Grandchildren are truly a blessing from heaven.

 You all know about those beautiful Spa robes.
This young lad would not miss an opportunity.
He loved this robe and his cell phone as he paraded through the resort.

 It was an hour before the wedding.
I was still running around outside...checking last minute details.
I had good help...but you know how it is...
It suddenly dawned on me.
"Who is helping my little big boys get ready for the wedding?"
There father was busy giving technical support.
I ran to their room, the opposite end of the resort.
There they were!  Getting themselves dressed.
I quickly helped them put on their shoes, pants, shirts
 and flung their ties over their necks and shooshed them downstairs to the lobby.
I knew I could count on family and friends 
to put the final details together.
Someone asked me why I had not delegated this job to someone else?
I did!

Do you all know how to tie a 'tie?'
I have no clue.

Little Silas caught me totally off guard.
 I saw him standing with the best men
and he had this huge rope and clamp  connected to his belt.
I never associated him wearing metal chains and clamps.
I did not see any of this coming...
but later it was revealed, that this large rope clamp was holding the rings.
Ah...ya....this too shall pass.

When you see these smiles between Father and son...
you know something is about to erupt.

Suzanne, it's beautiful to see how you love your new daughter.
You are the MUM with the loving touch,
that only You can give to her.
It's been a blessing to see you give unselfishly to Ivy.

Your smile tells the whole world what matters most.
I can guess that under that dress, Ivy wore her t-shirt that says,
"Cute just like my Auntie."
When it was all said and done, 
 Ivy's father, Christopher knew how to give her that comforting support.
How beautiful to sense his tender loving protective heart play,
 such an active role in the life of Ivy.

These bridesmaids are a joy to know.  
I've been able to share life and adventure with all of them.
Laurie, (Adia) Naomi and Suzanne..
Mikki would not be who she is today without your support.
Cheers to all of YOU!

 "Ah, someday...your lives will be fruitful."
As I said in your wedding  speech, Mikki.
"I am proud of YOU, the wonderful beautiful women you have become
and of the wonderful loving mother I know you will be one day......."
This suits you fine.
 Some of you asked me to share some photos of myself.
My dress was olive green with an overlay of heavy brocade sequins.
My hairdresser convinced me to do an 'up-do' and so that it was.
My grandson, Levi walked me down the aisle. 
He was not sure about me clutching his arm...
One quick tip...
Have you heard of Sally Hansen "Airbrush legs?"
It does more hose.

 As you can see...I too became a princess only for a short time,
as Eleanor, the flower girl constantly laid her wreathe on my head.

I can honestly tell you, I have enjoyed some of these special events over our past months.
It's important that we all continue to encourage each other,
light a fire with in us and seize the day.
"carpe diem!"
It's been especially important for me as a mother,
 as I watch my own adult children live with self-conviction,
joy, exuberance, passion,
a responsibility to attain one's potential
and to reflect in oneself the best of humanity...
and to live with a mission to find contentment and happeniness
at every turn of the fantastic personal journey that awaits them.

"Children do not belong to parents -
they are only on loan for a fleeting moment,
but one that transforms all time in a lifetime."


  1. So wonderful to read your reflections, Marg. You looked beautiful on this special day!

  2. Wow...thanks for the inspiration as I struggle with my 13 yr old.....I try each day to look beyond the frustrating comments and attitude ...this too will pass? My Mom says to keep praying and that's what I do. Thanks again for sharing and I WILL remember how fast life goes. Lisa

  3. Marg, life has been pretty full for you lately. What a blessing our families are to us and the special occasions we share with them. Your family is beautiful! Happy Mother's Day! (from a friend down South), JoAnn

  4. I enjoyed reading your reflections spoken as only a mom can. I also have enjoyed seeing you seize the day in each of these milestone moments in your life. Your love for your family comes shows itself in all the selfless acts you do as you are there to support and encourage them in any way you can. May God bless you with many more reasons to celebrate.

  5. Mother's reflections of a beautiful day!!! You looked amazing Marg and what a gorgeous family you have - those handsome grands and, melt my heart, sweet Ivy!!! So happy for you that you were all so blessed on that special day and many more to come. Happy Mom's Day to you dear Marg!

  6. So many good things to reflect on here, Marg. So many reasons to celebrate! Happy Mother's Day, my friend!

  7. Oh...and I meant to say...I love the photo of the bride and groom with all the nieces and nephews. So glad wee Baby Ivy made the picture as well!

  8. Marg I smiled as I read through these reflections - your Mother Heart shines through and there is no doubt that your Children call you "Blessed". Thanks for sharing them with us.

  9. AnonymousMay 12, 2014

    can you please tell me where you got your shoes? I have been looking for some like that! Thanks.

  10. I feel like I was there for all the sweet behind the scenes moments! how fun!
    When I saw you being escorted by Levi my first thought was "A fascinator head piece would have been awesome with that dress. Marg would rock it!" Then the next photo of you wearing the floral crown confirmed my hunch. You do look wonderful with a head piece on!

  11. Lovely post, Marg. I love your princess photo BEST!

  12. It is so wonderful to see how you seize the day so often! I loved seeing all the photos of the wedding and especially the photos of the children and their parents!


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