Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Another Ceremony?

We have had our abundance of ceremonies in the past weeks.
From weddings to black belt ceremonies.
All of equal importance.

 Once again Ivy arrives sleeping, as ususal.
Whatever the event...everyone turns up.
It's our version of the  'Parenthood' episode.

Ivy appeared in the appropriate dress code for this event.
Somehow Ivy did not appreciate being awoken from her sleep,
but her Mum made sure she would 'steal the thunder' once again.

Silas is trying to stay focused...
but during his trials he turned around, bowed and waved at us.
You know how it is with little ones.
And of course we all clapped.
 Silas proudly achieved his next level...but he wanted a belt, not a headband.
He was not impressed and decided this would look better on Ivy.

 Of course, Ivy's uncle was tickled pink to carry her around.
After all I'm sure he signed her up for 'Tiny Tigers'

 Meanwhile Levi has advanced quickly and has received his 'leadership' level.
Here he is leading the class and demonstrating his leadership skills.

 A punch and a kick!

 And he too receives his next belt level.

 And of course...it's time to break the black board.
One leap and one swift kick sends the board flying.

 Three years of enduring hard work, and dedication.
Jeremy, we've watched you work your way through..
Years of tears, sweat, laughter, bruises and pain.
How many hospital visits?
This truly is a milestone for You!

 Congratulations to the Class of 2014 on achieving their next level.
Soon we will be cheering Ivy on!


  1. Congratulations to Jeremy, Levi and Silas! What a fun night for everyone including Ivy!

  2. Congratulations Jeremy. What a great accomplishment. Marg, ALL your grand children are wonderful, but that little Ivy, sure is a doll....ADORABLE! What a creative mama she has with her little outfit. How fun!

  3. All in the family! Congratulations to everyone on their achievements, including Ivy for stealing the show once again.

  4. Congrats all around...but especially to Jeremy. How fun to have Ivy all dressed for the occasion!

  5. Sweet! This makes me want to join a class!

  6. So much to celebrate here. They have all worked hard and deserved these awards. Love how Ivy was able to be part of this too. A family affair.

  7. What a fun celebration! Memories made to treasure!

  8. Oh my - how cute is that little Ivy!!!! Soon she will be saying HiiiiYaaahh!!! The boys did well - quite the accomplishments indeed!


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