Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Project Completed!

 The wedding was over and the next morning,
Easter Monday morning...the working crew appeared on our doorstep.
We have dreamt about this renovation project for years.
But first we had to decide what had to be removed to accommodate our design.
 The back patio was tarped as it was pouring buckets.
They began to demolish the old concrete...only to find out
that our back steps were all rotten.
OUCH!  We had not planned on renovating the back porch.
We were just going to concrete a small section.
 Decisions were made, that it all had to go...in order for it to look proper.
The gas line needed to be dug and installed according to inspections.

 Many hours of hard physical labor were put to use.
The new foundation was poured.
My job was to approve, make coffee and bake snacks.
 The artist himself, Dave from Legendworks, created the final design of the hearth.
I loved watching them cut and chisel their rocks piece by piece,
mixing the mortar and piecing the puzzle together.

 And the drum roll began.
After hours of contemplating and  designing patterns,
the man behind this whole dream gave us a thumbs up!

 Regulations prohibit us from fire pits from May till October.
Therefore we went with a gas fire pit which can be used year round.
No more chopping and hauling wood and waiting for coals to be the right temperature.
 Our dream has become a reality as we sit with the 
grand kids while they cuddle and eat schmores.
Ivy is waiting for her turn.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Summer Kick Off Party

Kick Off Season  
It's May and we have welcomed the warm weather
and enjoyed hosting our first summer  BBQ.
Is there anything nicer than young and old enjoying a nice summer evening.

 The BBQ is cleaned and fired up for the crowd
and so is the 'grill cook'

 Some love to sit in circles and visit.
 Others find solitaire in a swing.
"How do you like to go up in a swing,
Up in the air so blue?"

 Some are daring to see who can climb the highest.

And some took on the challenge.
 While others are enjoying a new version of trampolining.
Did you know that plastic bags will keep their clothes dry?
They all brought their swimming suits...but you know how it is.
They changed and dried up, but the parents were not ready to leave.
So out came the plastic bags and they continued to splash, into the sunset hours.

 Dessert time for young and old.

invite a few friends 
and be ready to celebrate this long 
Victoria Day Weekend!
Make the best of it,
Rain or Shine!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Only a Mother's Reflections

There are always a few last thoughts that each one of us clings to.
 Some of these will remain in my heart forever.
Grandchildren are truly a blessing from heaven.

 You all know about those beautiful Spa robes.
This young lad would not miss an opportunity.
He loved this robe and his cell phone as he paraded through the resort.

 It was an hour before the wedding.
I was still running around outside...checking last minute details.
I had good help...but you know how it is...
It suddenly dawned on me.
"Who is helping my little big boys get ready for the wedding?"
There father was busy giving technical support.
I ran to their room, the opposite end of the resort.
There they were!  Getting themselves dressed.
I quickly helped them put on their shoes, pants, shirts
 and flung their ties over their necks and shooshed them downstairs to the lobby.
I knew I could count on family and friends 
to put the final details together.
Someone asked me why I had not delegated this job to someone else?
I did!

Do you all know how to tie a 'tie?'
I have no clue.

Little Silas caught me totally off guard.
 I saw him standing with the best men
and he had this huge rope and clamp  connected to his belt.
I never associated him wearing metal chains and clamps.
I did not see any of this coming...
but later it was revealed, that this large rope clamp was holding the rings.
Ah...ya....this too shall pass.

When you see these smiles between Father and son...
you know something is about to erupt.

Suzanne, it's beautiful to see how you love your new daughter.
You are the MUM with the loving touch,
that only You can give to her.
It's been a blessing to see you give unselfishly to Ivy.

Your smile tells the whole world what matters most.
I can guess that under that dress, Ivy wore her t-shirt that says,
"Cute just like my Auntie."
When it was all said and done, 
 Ivy's father, Christopher knew how to give her that comforting support.
How beautiful to sense his tender loving protective heart play,
 such an active role in the life of Ivy.

These bridesmaids are a joy to know.  
I've been able to share life and adventure with all of them.
Laurie, (Adia) Naomi and Suzanne..
Mikki would not be who she is today without your support.
Cheers to all of YOU!

 "Ah, someday...your lives will be fruitful."
As I said in your wedding  speech, Mikki.
"I am proud of YOU, the wonderful beautiful women you have become
and of the wonderful loving mother I know you will be one day......."
This suits you fine.
 Some of you asked me to share some photos of myself.
My dress was olive green with an overlay of heavy brocade sequins.
My hairdresser convinced me to do an 'up-do' and so that it was.
My grandson, Levi walked me down the aisle. 
He was not sure about me clutching his arm...
One quick tip...
Have you heard of Sally Hansen "Airbrush legs?"
It does wonders...no more hose.

 As you can see...I too became a princess only for a short time,
as Eleanor, the flower girl constantly laid her wreathe on my head.

I can honestly tell you, I have enjoyed some of these special events over our past months.
It's important that we all continue to encourage each other,
light a fire with in us and seize the day.
"carpe diem!"
It's been especially important for me as a mother,
 as I watch my own adult children live with self-conviction,
joy, exuberance, passion,
a responsibility to attain one's potential
and to reflect in oneself the best of humanity...
and to live with a mission to find contentment and happeniness
at every turn of the fantastic personal journey that awaits them.

"Children do not belong to parents -
they are only on loan for a fleeting moment,
but one that transforms all time in a lifetime."

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Another Ceremony?

We have had our abundance of ceremonies in the past weeks.
From weddings to black belt ceremonies.
All of equal importance.

 Once again Ivy arrives sleeping, as ususal.
Whatever the event...everyone turns up.
It's our version of the  'Parenthood' episode.

Ivy appeared in the appropriate dress code for this event.
Somehow Ivy did not appreciate being awoken from her sleep,
but her Mum made sure she would 'steal the thunder' once again.

Silas is trying to stay focused...
but during his trials he turned around, bowed and waved at us.
You know how it is with little ones.
And of course we all clapped.
 Silas proudly achieved his next level...but he wanted a belt, not a headband.
He was not impressed and decided this would look better on Ivy.

 Of course, Ivy's uncle was tickled pink to carry her around.
After all I'm sure he signed her up for 'Tiny Tigers'

 Meanwhile Levi has advanced quickly and has received his 'leadership' level.
Here he is leading the class and demonstrating his leadership skills.

 A punch and a kick!

 And he too receives his next belt level.

 And of course...it's time to break the black board.
One leap and one swift kick sends the board flying.

 Three years of enduring hard work, and dedication.
Jeremy, we've watched you work your way through..
Years of tears, sweat, laughter, bruises and pain.
How many hospital visits?
This truly is a milestone for You!

 Congratulations to the Class of 2014 on achieving their next level.
Soon we will be cheering Ivy on!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Wedding Nostaligia

Thursday morning arrived, two days before the wedding.  My boxes of decor, suitcases, dress clothes were about to be packed in a strategic manner with the the wedding gown and veil packed right on top.   All boxers were left open in case of a quick inspection at the border. For days and months, my kitchen table and island became the holding spot of wedding decor from wood, to bark, antique vases, candles, votives, ribbon, draperies, wedding invitations, copper vases and seating charts,  but eventually it all came together. If the bride had an idea...we made it happen.

 My cluttered dining table...but how pretty.
It was a constant work of art being created and changed daily.
At times, I did not know where to carry on with her collections and ideas.
It was obvious I needed more space.

We had experienced enough border crossings, always being careful and truthful.
But what would this border crossing look like?
I was anxious once again.
Would they make me unpack my whole vehicle?
We stopped at the customs, they asked a few questions.
"What, your daughter is getting married to an American?"
"Has she completed her paperwork?"
They handed us the orange slip, told us to park our vehicle,
and called us in to the customs office to check our passports.
Can you imagine the sweaty palms?
I'm sure my face had "TROUBLE" written on it.
They cross-checked our passports, with her K-1 Visa, 
smiled and said we were good to go.
 Packed all the wedding decor into our suite at the resort, as fast as we could
and went downstairs to the lounge and relaxed with a  chilled drink.

 The tables, looked beautifully set with her decor ideas.
She chose a Washington wine, with her name in mind,
"Chateau St. Michelle"
 Homemade bees wax candles, 
with a text from there wedding poem, lined with a myrtle branch.
Placed on the butter plates were organic chocolate bars, 
with their names and wedding date engraved on the wrappers. 
These were made in the Mt. Shasta region.
She chose colors that blended well with a soft vintage theme.

How many of you remember using your mother's china for the head table?
I know at my wedding, we used my Mother's china, 'Victoriana Rose by Paragon'
Somehow, I did not venture to take my china across the border.

 But at the end of the evening, I could tell that everyone had a wonderful time,
with hands raised and napkins waving as they cheered on the the newlyweds

 I will miss those days....
but I also love my fresh bouquet of flowers on my uncluttered island.
It's time for coffee, friends.