Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why Can't this be the Real Thing?

Rehearsal Day was sunny and beautiful!
Why could it not be the real thing?

First thing in the morning, I'd peer out of my ocean view window.
A few chairs were set up for rehearsal.
 Semiahmoo Resort became like a destination wedding for our families.
Most of our families and friends lived within an hour's drive across the border.
Many of the Groom's family and friends came from all over the states.
Friday's weather forecast gave us hope for Saturday.
The air was crisp and clear.  You could feel the excitement.
 During the day time,  friends and family enjoyed the spa and pools.

 Uncle Joe loved to play with Silas.

 And Silas made sure that Auntie Mikki and Uncle Joe were dunked and splashed.

 From poolside to rehearsal time...everyone changed.
She's looking relaxed.

 Sister, Suzanne is tuning her violin...hoping for the best results.

 Bride and groom have last minute discussions...
Who should go first?
 Technicians and musicians are synchronizing tunes, tones and amps,
for a performance that serenaded hotel guests.
 One last minute music check from the Mother of the Bride!
"Mom, is my violin in tune?"
That question brought back memories from years of music lessons.
 Grooms Father, Jim, checking the technician's skill abilities.

Parents standing in the background giving moral support.
We just smiled and nodded.

 The Bride is giving final instructions as she persuades them with chocolates.

 And we're all ready.
What a perfect back drop!

 Should we practice?
Why can't this be the real thing?
The sun is shining.

 The evening rehearsal meal was hosted by the Groom's parents,
where we dined to a wonderful evening, catered with a western buffet.
We all introduced ourselves and told stories about the young couple.
In the later hours, we all gathered together enjoying a bonfire with schmores.,
while young and old enjoyed smashing pinatas.


  1. What a difference a day makes weather wise. The setting really was beautiful in the sunshine and with the clouds. So happy everything worked out well.

  2. It's all part of 'the real thing'...the sun, the clouds and the rain. Just like life! Beautiful pic's...great memories.

  3. The venue is absolutely beautiful! Looks like everyone had a great time too. I'm sure the change in weather didn't really hamper any of the magic and beauty of this special celebration! Congratulations to this beautiful couple!

  4. The joy in everyone faces is palpable. What lovely memories.

  5. What a lot of fun you all had together. These are memories you will all keep for a life time.

  6. Oh why those blue skies couldn't have remained for the real day! The rehearsal day looks just wonderful. You might have been busy but everyone else looks completely relaxed.


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