Monday, April 7, 2014

Twelve More Days!

While we've been preparing for babies and weddings..
.one may wonder what those boys have been up to?  
I really don't think anyone has missed out on any good times.
 Thursday's is our day with the boys...
and you can drop in and find a variation of activities.
Cycling...go carts....John Deer Tractors
Someone was eager to bring out the lawn chairs.
Eating popcorn and enjoying Ivy's company.
Playing with remote cars and jumping over them.
 But some Thursdays have been  dedicated for buying clothes for the wedding.
Were they excited?
No, until...a suit was requested..
And this Oma considered it a great option.
But take a look at Ivy's formal wear...
Isn't she a  princess?
I think we're ready.
 This little guy has loves playing with my kitchen gadgets.
From peeling apples, to slicing strawberries.
Finally he's cracking eggs to make his favorite ham and egg cups.

His Grand Finale!
You would just love him in your kitchen.

 They have had a wonderful time getting to know their Aunt Mikki.
And they love her...
Can you hear the tunes?
Twinkle Twinkle, Chop Sticks!
Then there's always "cuddle bunnies"
And of course they try to scatter away!
 I think the bride is trying to give advice?
He already knows that she is not really interested in his projects.

But he's proud as he's completed his 500 piece Avalanche Project.
Many good times have been enjoyed by everyone.

The weather is looking good for April 19th.
The final countdown is here!


  1. What a great post Marg! So much fun happening at your place. I love the Avalache project - my
    g-boys would love to see how that was made. Does it use marbles?

    1. Yes, it uses marbles. I bought it at Costco and it became our winter project which I set up in our living room. Now he can take it home.

  2. So much fun during the countdown of days. Love the suit. What's the green topping on those egg cups?

  3. Counting down...watching the weather...getting the clothes in order...checking to see everything is looked after. That is where you are at. As for your grands...they are just plain having fun as usual! cute!

  4. Your house is so full of activity right now-how exciting and fun! That baby girl is so adorable, too. Your grandson's building toys look like some toys we had many years ago and haven't been able to find since. Do you know what they were called, and where they were purchased?

    1. It was called Avalanche...and we bought it at Costco last Christmas.

  5. Such an exciting time in your life, Marg! Love your pictures and descriptions. Enjoy this wonderful time. Dairymary


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