Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why Can't this be the Real Thing?

Rehearsal Day was sunny and beautiful!
Why could it not be the real thing?

First thing in the morning, I'd peer out of my ocean view window.
A few chairs were set up for rehearsal.
 Semiahmoo Resort became like a destination wedding for our families.
Most of our families and friends lived within an hour's drive across the border.
Many of the Groom's family and friends came from all over the states.
Friday's weather forecast gave us hope for Saturday.
The air was crisp and clear.  You could feel the excitement.
 During the day time,  friends and family enjoyed the spa and pools.

 Uncle Joe loved to play with Silas.

 And Silas made sure that Auntie Mikki and Uncle Joe were dunked and splashed.

 From poolside to rehearsal time...everyone changed.
She's looking relaxed.

 Sister, Suzanne is tuning her violin...hoping for the best results.

 Bride and groom have last minute discussions...
Who should go first?
 Technicians and musicians are synchronizing tunes, tones and amps,
for a performance that serenaded hotel guests.
 One last minute music check from the Mother of the Bride!
"Mom, is my violin in tune?"
That question brought back memories from years of music lessons.
 Grooms Father, Jim, checking the technician's skill abilities.

Parents standing in the background giving moral support.
We just smiled and nodded.

 The Bride is giving final instructions as she persuades them with chocolates.

 And we're all ready.
What a perfect back drop!

 Should we practice?
Why can't this be the real thing?
The sun is shining.

 The evening rehearsal meal was hosted by the Groom's parents,
where we dined to a wonderful evening, catered with a western buffet.
We all introduced ourselves and told stories about the young couple.
In the later hours, we all gathered together enjoying a bonfire with schmores.,
while young and old enjoyed smashing pinatas.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Wedding Ceremony!

Here's a formal recap of the wedding ceremony...on Saturday, April 19th 2014.
I know you've all been waiting for this.
I will be following up with some 'behind the scenes' post over the next few weeks.
 I woke up Friday morning, April 18th...both flags were waving at me,
blue skies...trees in full blossoms...it was perfect.
What else could we ask for?
A run was the perfect way to start my day.
 Welcome to Semiahmoo Resort...
a resort brimming with excitement and anticipation of a wedding,
 the first wedding of their season.
Flowers and blooms had been planted in preparation for this event.

 I woke up Saturday morning....April 19th.
The grounds were set...the tide was out...
the clouds created a dampness to the day.
The invite stated:
"Come dressed for a Pacific Northwest April:
Sunshine, snow, clouds and rain!"

Minutes before the event was to start...
the drama unfolded.
Staff were drying the chairs from the moisture and dampness in the air. 
Heavy rain clouds were lingering in the distance.
Keyboards, amplifiers and speakers were being draped with plastic bags.

 Meanwhile the Bride, was enjoying the last 'dry moments' of preparation,

  playing with her nieces and nephews, gathering them under her veil,
the veil that her Grandmother had carefully sewn by hand, for my wedding.
Something Old!

 The stage was set....beautiful mums, September flowers,
white daisies, green hydrangeas, peonies, freshia, mixed with various ferns.

The music started...
Tears rolled down my face....
I had listened to this music for months.
Little Eleanor, just like a princess, scattered the petals in a ballerina style.

 Meanwhile, Jameson and Silas followed her
with big happy smiles...
They knew how to make the crowd smile.
They loved throwing the petals at the guests, in their boyish style.

The long awaited moment arrived, 
as the Bride and her Father walked arm in arm,
and he savored the moment....
only to short,

and he gave his daughter away...
they embraced...
 Pastor, Bobbi Salkfeld officiated their ceremony.
She led them through the reading of "Love III" by George Herbert.
And then they exchanged their vows.
There were moments...that we could of all cried.
There were moments when we all laughed.
They signed the registry.
And Corrie Chow let her voice fill the air with 
"Oh Heavenly Day" ~ Patti Griffin

And you may now kiss the bride,
and they were pronounced 'man and wife'
Mr & Mrs. Zuiches

 Starting a new life,
A life of adventure and commitment to God and each other.
"The first day of the rest of their lives."
And the rain held off long enough.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wedding Bliss

 This weekend these flags will be uniting two young adults.
America will be  receiving a sweetheart.
And Canada will be embracing a fearless adventurer.
 Many friends and family of Mikki and Joe
will be witnessing the celebration of their vows.

 Here we are, two families who came together this past winter,
blessing them as they begin a new adventure in life.

As your grandmother slipped into this beautiful gown,
you too, will sense that feeling,
 knowing that her labor of love has been woven into this day,
as she hand-sewed the delicate veil that you will be wearing.
Oh, how your grandparents would of loved to see this day.
We've kept your grandmother's dress in the family,
as one that reflects 'commitment and love' for over forty five years.
There legacy lives in our hearts forever.
There will be days that you will feel agony.
There will be days where you feel pain.
And there will be days where you feel exhilaration
as you reach that mountain top.
You will experience days of  companionship and fun.
You will experience growth in your lives.
Yes, there will be days of personal struggle and introspection.
It is knowing Christ's love that will carry you through these times.
Embracing only each other will lead to isolation and despair.
Surround yourselves with many friends.
You need these friends to love you...
to be honest with you,
to support you,
challenge you in times of joy and times of despair.
When you can experience your friend's embrace,
Christ's love will infuse in your lives.

We will continue to pray that as you become 'SoulMates'
 your marriage will be revolutionized in ways you would never imagine.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Twelve More Days!

While we've been preparing for babies and weddings..
.one may wonder what those boys have been up to?  
I really don't think anyone has missed out on any good times.
 Thursday's is our day with the boys...
and you can drop in and find a variation of activities.
Cycling...go carts....John Deer Tractors
Someone was eager to bring out the lawn chairs.
Eating popcorn and enjoying Ivy's company.
Playing with remote cars and jumping over them.
 But some Thursdays have been  dedicated for buying clothes for the wedding.
Were they excited?
No, until...a suit was requested..
And this Oma considered it a great option.
But take a look at Ivy's formal wear...
Isn't she a  princess?
I think we're ready.
 This little guy has loves playing with my kitchen gadgets.
From peeling apples, to slicing strawberries.
Finally he's cracking eggs to make his favorite ham and egg cups.

His Grand Finale!
You would just love him in your kitchen.

 They have had a wonderful time getting to know their Aunt Mikki.
And they love her...
Can you hear the tunes?
Twinkle Twinkle, Chop Sticks!
Then there's always "cuddle bunnies"
And of course they try to scatter away!
 I think the bride is trying to give advice?
He already knows that she is not really interested in his projects.

But he's proud as he's completed his 500 piece Avalanche Project.
Many good times have been enjoyed by everyone.

The weather is looking good for April 19th.
The final countdown is here!