Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This N That!

 It's been a busy few weeks....
so many endless days of partying as we just celebrated 5 birthdays in two weeks. 
 And Ivy has stolen all of our hearts.  
We love her to pieces.
 From birthdays, to Ivy's birth, to wedding dress alterations,
and planning luncheon parties with the bridesmaids.
And now we're looking for that perfect dress for Ivy.
It just might be the white one her mother wore as an infant.

 And yet amongst all this excitement...
I'm scrambling enough time to cheer for my favorite athletes.
  It was a highlight to see Dominique Maltais stand on the podium to receive Silver,
participating in the  snowboard cross. She survived a wild semi-final run, 
but came through with a strong effort to win another Silver for Canada.
Canada continues celebrating after winning the game during the Women's Ice Hockey Playoffs Semifinal game 3-1 against Switzerland.

Now the gloves will really come on as we battle to win a Gold against USA this Thursday.


  1. So many wonderful events happening in your hearts in February and onward! Blessings...

  2. Those boys are getting SO BIG! And Ivy, well, what a little bit of preciousness! Did Oma knit that cream colored cabled blanket?

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  4. She is such a wee darling, Marg! I love the photos of her wrapped up in the knit blanket. Did you make it?
    Your eats may have been burning on Monday night because Judy and were talking about how lovely it is for you to have a granddaughter - what a blessing! You are certainly in a busy time of life - a year of celebrations, and you deserve it!

  5. I'm thinking you must still be having to do the "breathe in breathe out" from the last post with all the comings and goings at your house. You'll need a good rest after all the excitement! Lovely photos, all of them but especially the ones of sweet Ivy.

  6. Awwwe. Sweet Ivy! I love that photo (upper right) where she is smiling. So many good memories made in February of 2014!

  7. Grandboys and Little Ivy are so cute and your Olympic enthusiasm is contagious. Does February happen to be your favorite month?

  8. Oh Marg - what a busy, busy time for you all! Ivy is absolutely adorable. Your pictures all speak of celebration and so much love! Enjoy and keep breathing....

  9. I love your mosaic! Your little Ivy is darling, too! Looks like the busy life is a good one.


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