Monday, February 3, 2014

Breathe In! Breathe Out!

In the early morning hours, you brought excitement and joy to our lives.

It was back in July, when you gave me this book with the words written inside.

"Dear Opa & Oma
I don't have a name yet, but I'm hoping you will read this to me sometime in February.
Love your new grandchild.

This was the beginning of a special journey.
  And here you are, just as you said...February 2, 2014
Beautiful & Perfect
Ivy Eileen Bartel-Lister
Welcome to our world.
We fell in love with you right from the beginning.
 We've all been busy preparing for this event for months and have loved it.

 And I can tell that you that your mom and dad carefully planned your room,
right down to the last minute details.
It truly is a miracle as we've watched you grow in your mommy's tummy.
This is the beginning of a new start for both of you.
Our neighbors will be wondering why the Christmas lights are on.

 Your auntie came first to check you out and she could only smile.
And your cousins were so eager for your arrival.
They asked inquisitive questions about your arrival.

 Your Oma has been busy...
and we know why you are wearing that hat.
You will be cheering for Manchester United soccer team.
You did not even give us a chance to watch Saturday's game. 
The whole world stopped as you made your way into our presence.

 Your uncle and cousins all came and were so proud to hold you.
Remember you are the first girl cousin for all of them.
In fact they have invited you to share their Thursdays at Oma's house.

Now it's Opa's turn as you are being passed around with tenderness.
You didn't know that there would be so much commotion, did you?
Ah, your Opa was delighted to hold you in his arms.
I can promise you, he will always be there for you.
And did you know that it was his birthday today?

 Auntie Mikki adores you.
While she was sending out her wedding invites,
you made your own special announcement.
These two announcements collided.
It looks like you stole her thunder again.

 Your mommy is the best in the world.
She worked hard for you and stayed focused on her game plan.  
She is pleased to hold you in her arms and feel your soft warm skin.
I know that you will become her inspiration.

"For you are fearfully and wonderfully made...' Psalms 139

We are here to celebrate new life with you, Suzanne & Christopher.
May you enjoy this new fresh breath of life.
May it bring you joy, love and comfort for years to come.
Blessings to both of you.


  1. congrats to them...wish them a "congrats" from us.

  2. A big CONGRATULATIONS to you, Chris and Suzanne and to Grandpa and Grandma who now have generation of a little girl to add to their "grand-quiver". May God make her a blessing all through her life - may she be strong and courageous, soft and tender and may she bring joy to all of you.

  3. Congratulations to all! What a special name. I noticed her name carries the same "I" sound as her cousins. What a special little girl. May God bless her and make her a blessing ... her whole life.

  4. Dear Marg, Congratulations to you and your entire family! She is SO beautiful and precious... she is a blessing and will bring you much joy. Thank you for sharing this family milestone. Myka

  5. Congratulations to you all on the arrival of your precious little girl! I am again reminded that 'Children are a gift from God; they are his reward.' Ps. 127:3 TLB

    I can see she received a royal welcome! May she continue to bring you all much joy. BTW...Her name suits her perfectly.

  6. Oh how wonderful to see all these great moments in your lives. Such a little sweetie! I know you are all going to have so much fun!

  7. What a precious little bundle!! Congratulations to everyone!

  8. Sharing your joy with you on the safe arrival of Ivy. Thank you for sharing her royal welcome into the family!
    May God's blessing and favor rest on her and her mom and dad.

  9. Congratulations, Grandma Marg! The first girl...I am sure you are knitting PINK things!

  10. Delighted for you all! Their is such love and support in your family. This dear little lamb is adorabel....I loved each photo....gazing into the wee face of new life holds such a miracle. Blessings to Suzanne and Christopher as you begin this wonderful journey of parenthood. She's lovely! So happy for you all!!!!

  11. A wonderful post celebrating a perfect new life ! Ivy is beautifully and wonderfully made !
    Congratulations to you all, and God's blessings !

  12. A beautiful little girl….congratulations to all of you!!!!

  13. Ivy....the name is wonderful and the symbol of fidelity! Love that her room is green.
    She is a beauty and I am so happy you have a wee lass to pink on after all the little boy blue. Blessing on your whole clan! And don't skimp on up-date photo of your growing grand collection.

  14. What wonderful news, Marg! May Ivy Eileen always be surrounded by the love that greeted her on her arrival! She is lovely, and I am so very happy for you and your family.

  15. My tears are flowing over here.....oh what wonderful news Marg!!! You have so tenderly described this miraculous event. Your sweet little Ivy (love her name) is just a doll. She has picked a wonderful family and the best Oma and Opa ever. I am ever so happy for you and yours..........thanks for sharing your love.

  16. I missed your update! What a beautiful little Ivy Eileen! You will have so much fun adding a little pink to your lives. What a blessing to have a cute, sweet new girl in the family! Enjoy!


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