Monday, January 13, 2014

These Girls Keep Life Interesting!

They truly are sisters and both of them have something to smile about.
My last weeks have been busy as we are making final preparations
for a birth and for a wedding.
These girls are jewels.

 We've been browsing the northwest for wedding venues.
Now it's just about making the right choice!
I've been told that 'it will be a 'typical northwest wedding outdoors'
 and guests can plan to bring their umbrellas.

It was deja vu'  It seems just like yesterday when we walked this strip.
And sure was the first dress that she tried on.
The dress is beautiful and graceful just like her.
What an honor to have been asked to wear my veil,
 hand sewn by my mom, her grandmother.
The 'true dress' will only be revealed after the wedding date.

Meanwhile another household is busy collecting things.
We are on a count down for the new baby's arrival.
Collecting strollers, high chairs, overnight bags, play pens.
Remember those white cotton diapers?
I can't wait to experiment with these colorful diapers. 

A final inspection takes us to at the 'Farmer's shop'.
He's been busy putting on the finishing touches for a change table.
He handcrafted my change table 37 years ago and
was more than delighted to design and extend a labor of love once again.

I will leave you this 'hand written' poem from my mother.
She wrote this on my 30th birthday.

It was addressed...

"A birthday prayer for my winsome daughter
and my grand daughters."

"Let the winsomeness of the Lord be upon me"
I've been allowed the privilege as your mother to see
you grow from innocent babyhood to beautiful young womanhood
and into glowing motherhood.
As I have watched you grow, I have seen
the winsomeness of the Lord developing in your life.
On this your memorable birthday my prayer is that
this beauty will continue to reflect itself in your life
and in the lives of your precious daughters __
Suzanne Jolene and Michelle Anna Marie.
"For their worth is far above jewels"

I treasure her thoughts and prayers as I pass them along.
I know she is sharing this joy with us.


  1. Such a wonderful post, Marg. I enjoyed peeking in at all the plans and preparations. What a wonderful treasure to have from your mom...

  2. Marg, this is such an exciting time for you and I am so happy for you! Suzanne is so cute and I know Mikki will be a gorgeous bride! The prayer you saved from your mom is precious. I have to smile at the names of your girls as we have a Julene Michelle. Interesting how names go with certain eras. I wonder what the new name in your family will be? May God bless you all as you wait expectantly.

  3. I'm catching your excitement...such milestone events happening over there this year. Thanks for a peek into your dress shopping and baby preparations. Fun times! Great pic's of your girls...the radiant bride and the radiant mama. And the prayer from your special!

  4. Marg, I am so happy for all the wonderful expectations coming your way. God has blessed you with such wonderful daughters who love each other and surely love you! There worth is indeed far above any earthy jewel. Praying God's blessing on each of them and on you.

  5. Oh Marg - I am rejoicing with you.....what precious jewels indeed!!! Your girls are both so beautiful and their smiles tell it all. What exciting and fulfilling days ahead for you and your family. You must be bursting with joy!!!

  6. I'll bet the excitement in the air around your place is unstoppable! I'm sure your mother is well aware of the wonderful events going on at your place, too. Enjoy these blessings! Can't wait to hear more details.

  7. Oh Marg, this is just the loveliest post! I am so very happy for you and your family - a baby...what a blessing! The excitement at your house will light up the valley!

  8. I loved this post. So much anticipation. Sisters sharing each others joys...their mom treasuring each moment as she watches her daughters move into new roles. A grandmothers penned prayer.....that is a jewel. And yes....they are your jewels.

  9. I can't imagine how one Mom can hold in one heart the emotions of wedding/coming grandchild at the same time !!
    But good emotions can squeeze together !! smile...
    Such a sweet time in your life, Marg !! enjoy it !


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