Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Does This Coat Belong to YOU?

 Last year I went out on Boxing day and purchased myself a winter coat.
I was quite happy for a bargain hunting deal.
It was a size' Large'....just perfect for adding a warm sweater.

A few days ago...I was thinking that I must of gained some extra pounds.
I was sitting in church and was feeling that my coat was somewhat snug
 and so I decided I would unbuckle the belt.
I reached down to my side belt buckles to find no loops.
What?  Did I cut them off?
I felt the other side...
There were no belt loops.
But I had bought a coat with a belt and side buckles which would cinch it tighter.
When I got home, I took of the coat hastily and looked inside.
It was a "NorthFace" name brand and a ladies size Medium.
(oh, by the way...the cowl is mine)

I started laughing...I obviously had someone else's coat
and someone has mine....but where would this of happened?

I remember taking it off a funeral for 'Kurt Janz' in Calgary.
I hung it up during the service.
Or did I leave it in the 'Janz' home?
Who knows where it could be.
 Anyways, I can't find my coat...and if this coat belongs to you, let's trade.
Somewhere, someplace,  someone else must be thinking the same thoughts.
Start chatting about the 'missing coat' and let's see what we can find.

Better yet, whoever solves this mystery will receive a complimentary copy 
of our "Celebrations Cookbook"


  1. I promise--I didn't take it. :)

  2. Ha! Love this Marg. Well it's not me either but I do hope there is a good trade back in the future and that the mystery is solved!

  3. I don't have it but I do like it :) Hope coats are returned to their respective owners soon!

  4. Oh dear, Marg - this is one for the 'remember when's' around the kitchen table for years to come!

  5. My six foot son-in-law and my 5 foot 6 husband had very similar coats. One night they got switched up-what a funny mistake as laughed at the new fitting coats. At least they could tell they were the wrong ones. Hope you find your coat soon.

  6. There is likely someone out there feeling pleased that she must have lost a few pounds and thinking that she was sure she had cut off those belt loops...have they grown back somehow?
    Don't ruin it for her!

  7. Oh this is so funny Marg! I do hope you find your coat again - such a mystery!


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