Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Night Before Christmas

What does it look like at your place before Christmas?
 You are welcome!
Step inside and enjoy the hustle and bustle.
It's Christmas Eve and we're as ready as ever.
 Big children and little children,
 with faces pressed against the glass,
standing in awe and wonder with mystery filled eyes.
What's hiding behind those closed doors?

"Marg, can you quickly make me 12 mince pies?"
I promptly said, that I did not have time to make 12 pies.
Only to find out that 12 mince pies meant 12 pie tarts.
Of course I can make those!

The table is set...

Thank you Suzanne for the lovely stocking holders.
Another Christmas addition to our table scape given from the heart.  

The four candles have been lit.
Waiting, Mystery, Joy, Peace

Now it's time to Celebrate life with family and friends.
Celebrate the coming of a new born babe.
Celebrate the coming of a King.

"Things will never look just right or feel just right.
If they did someone would be lying...
But it is in this broken world that a child is born who is called
Son of the Most High,
Prince of Peace
Henri Nouwen

May you all experience a blessed Christmas knowing that
regardless of your thoughts and feelings,
that Jesus came for YOU!


  1. So glad that Jesus came for me! Merry Christmas to you and yours, Marg!!

  2. Beautiful post, Marg! I love the quote "Things will never look just right or feel just right.
    If they did someone would be lying...But it is in this broken world that a child is born who is called
    Son of the Most High, Prince of Peace Savior!"
    Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas!

  3. Lovely, Marg .. I read you sign .. but I couldn't resist peaking!
    The feelings of Christmas .. my favorite emotions .. and it is ALL ABOUT the Son of the Most High, Prince of Peace Savior !

  4. The photos of your home at Christmas look like an illustration of 'the most wonderful time of the year'! I'm sure you had a most memorable and meaningful time with your family...as you celebrated the coming of our Savior.

  5. Marg...your home looked lovely and so peaceful! I so enjoyed peeking in!

  6. Thanks for opening your front door and taking us through the rooms.....I peeked!:) Loved all the details from bowls that say celebrate to wee stockings on the plates, baking and candle light....and I know there were happy folks and young boys having fun together in that house.

  7. So pretty Marg! I too am guilty of peeking. Those mince pie tarts look delicious and your home and table have a warm welcome feeling. I am so thankful that Jesus came for me and is the reason we celebrate. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. I have been slow to read and respond these last few weeks. It's been a busy, ice storm and no power, a beautiful wedding, family and friends kind of time - no complaints (at least not once the power was restored)!

  8. I know your Christmas was filled with the joy of Christ and the love of your family. Your home looks wonderful. Those stocking holders are fantastic.

    Wishing you a new year of love and peace.♥

  9. Beautiful Marg. I was just smiling at your 12 mince pies! You are the best Oma... and mother in law too! Happy New Year dear Marg.

  10. Your house looked fun and ready for celebrating. Wish I could sneak some of your pies! They look delicious. Hope your holiday was wonderful!


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