Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Preparing for Advent

I love this time of year.
And what better time of year to have the boys prepare with us.
This year, Levi added the colors of his choice to the stringed lights.

Silas had to pick up all the old discarded lights.
And of course he loved counting the lights.
Two hundred and sixty two lights!

When there job was completed I called out for hot chocolate.
No, they wanted roasted marshmallows.
I scratched my head for a minute.
They showed me how..
Just add a marshmallow to a fork and warm it up by the fireplace.
"And don't forget to take a picture, Oma!"

Preparing for advent means making Pfeffernusse.
They rolled out their snakes and tried to cut them accurately.
We smiled as we noticed all sizes and shapes and finally called them Sydney Snakes, with reference to their Calgary Cousins.

At the end of the day, just prior to dusk...the boys called me.

"Take a picture Oma, look at the colors in the sunset."

On Sunday, the family came over for an advent evening,
where we all took part in a simple Faspa style supper, serving hot apple cider.
I tried to incorporate a few traditions handed down from many years ago.
The excitement is in the air as we chatted about how hard it is to 'wait'.
It has been a tradition that each place setting includes an orange and candle.
This year I only placed oranges for the young ones.
I'll let you know...some children did not approve of my way of changing things up.

The first candle was lit, we read the BFTJ and now they know,
there are only three more Sundays till Christmas.
This week we will all go together and find the perfect tree.

What are some special things you do to prepare for the advent season?


  1. Those are Christmas memories your grandsons will not forget! I'm smiling at their creative method of roasting marshmallows. Did you have to clean any marshmallow goo off the glass later? I'm wishing I had a glass of your hot apple cider right about now.

  2. What a cute picture of the boys "roasting" their marshmallows! I like how Levi is measuring with his finger - so smart! I think you have prepared well for advent and your BFTJ post was most meaningful to me.
    Have fun tonight - I have visions of old fashioned cookies going around in my head.....

  3. I drove some girls past after a wreath making evening at Hertha's tonight - your lights look great! Dairymary

  4. I love the 'take a picture Oma'. They have an eye for a good shot and know when a moment is to good not to document!

  5. I love the look of intent on those sweet faces. They have grown so much.

    We are sharing holiday posts this entire month for Pink Saturday. You should come link with us.♥

  6. No little ones at my house this year, but I personally read the Advent daily readings and we light the candles.

  7. I started my holiday home tour today. I hope you can come by for a visit.


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