Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Came Early!

 My favorite childhood memories are fondly remembered.
We all waited eagerly for that first snowfall in winter.
The first snowfall gave all of us kids a break from regular chores.
We would deck ourselves in warm clothes. 
Style was of no importance..but warmth, yes.
My father would pull out the old tractor,
tie up the toboggans,
and away we'd go....flying through the fields.
That was Christmas for me.

And guess what this Opa is preparing outside today....

Here we are years later,
texting the boys...
letting them know that the tractor is ready to go.

Tubes and bodies tumbling  through the air.
A small dirt hill becomes the thrill of their lives. 

A big smile with a  freckled face spotted with mud.

The evening lights are turned on...for just one more ride.
We ended off the day with a Christmas concert with the  
We'll all be "Home for Christmas'
And that's enough reason for me to feel that Christmas came early.
Oh, for a white Christmas.


  1. Oh man those are happy boys including the one driving that tractor! Love it!
    So you answered my question about all being home for Christmas!!

  2. Oh so much fun, Marg! I think I would brave one of those rides too! Love the mud spattered face:)

  3. How your pictures took me back to my childhood. My dad would pull us behind his tractor all the way around our little community. We usually had all our friends with us and the evening always ended with some hot cocoa and cookies. How I miss those days!

  4. Beautiful! We have to make these memories quick, while we can. The snow does not last. Our kids came to roll and in the snow and sit in the hot tub outside. Wish I would have thought to take pictures.

  5. Oh this is wonderful! One of my fondest memories as a girl was my Grandfathethr hooking the sleds to the horse and flying like the wind through the back pasture. So many laughs and wonderful memories. Merry Christmas!

  6. Oh boy... the grandpa in this house is now hoping for another snowfall. That looks like so much fun! Way to go you two.


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