Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Back to Calgary!

Who would of thought that we'd be back so soon?
It was at Ten Thousand Villages where the Calgary Cousins came to support our book signing.
During this time...the phone rang...
sure enough, it was Kurt.
Kurt was phoning to congratulate our team on the success of our book.
We chatted back and forth like we always do.
He asked if I had his favorite apple pie in my freezer.
Meanwhile his wife, Ruth and daughter Margaret were milling around and chatting in the store.
We were all going to have lunch at the Edelweiss Village.
And so it was...two weeks later, we all bundled up and ventured out to cut
down our Christmas trees; some chose the chain saw...
others preferred the romantic style with a hand saw.
At the end of the day...we gathered together at Suzanne's and Christopher's,
for  quick hot apple ciders and a few appies.
The second reading of advent took place and the candles were lit,
when the phone rang.....only to hear sad news.

Our dearly beloved Uncle Kurt passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.
What was expected to be a simple routine hernia surgery, resulted in complications.
Kurt could not live his life with out people and in that way he connected with young and old.
His charisma inspired and motivated us to live life to it's fullest.
He walked the talk.
We will miss you Uncle Kurt!
  We lit the candles and spent some time reflecting about his legacy. 
I still find it interesting how one week ago...when we lit the first candle...
I had written a devotional about the Advent Waiting period.
This week we were discussing the 'Mystery of Advent'.
How children gather together with their eyes wide open
surrounded by the mystery of Christmas.
Bonhoeffer goes on to explain how living without mystery means not seeing
 the crucial processes of life at all and even denying them.
Little did we know that we would be discussing the mystery of death that particular day.
Kurt knew his Lord and Savior and he had waited his whole life
for this special last Advent season, that ushered him into the new heavens.

So this week...my heart has been feeling heavy as we prepare to spend time
with the Calgary Cousins grieving the loss of a loved one.
And so the season of Advent continues as we wait,
and try to understand the mystery of that baby in a manger.

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  1. Beautiful post, Marg. Praying and sending hugs to you and your Calgary family...

  2. I'm so sorry, Marg. Its hard to lose a beloved family member in this season. As you say, Advent and death are both mysteries which bring deep emotions. Blessings on your travels and comfort to your loved ones.

  3. Marg, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your Calgary cousins. Beautiful memories to cherish.

  4. God go with you as you go back!

  5. Huge hugs to you Marg! Sounds like he was a very special uncle .....
    Your yard looks so lovely with snow and the pretty lights! Safe travels as you head to Calgary and back.

  6. After the loss of a brother-in-law, cousin and mother-in-law during the Advent season I sympathize with your sense of loss and also wonderment at the thought of a loved one experiencing their first Christmas in heaven.
    And truthfully, I felt more envy of them than anything...

  7. We've thought much about your loss this week Marg. God knew. As I read around blog land I am impressed with how often God knew. I'm so glad you could have that visit at the Calgary signing.

  8. Your Uncle Kurt must have been a very special man, Marg. Isn't it wonderful that you had time to visit earlier this year? I'm sure your presence was a comfort to your Calgary cousins.
    Thank you for the reminder about mystery - I will take that with me into the day.

  9. What a legacy. How special that you could be together yet one last time here on this earth......there will be more celebrations together in heaven with your uncle you loved and admired.

  10. I just returned from attending a cousin funeral today. I spent a lot of time with this cousin and his wife while I was attending college. While it is sad to say good-bye, it was nice being with other cousins I don't see very often. It's a tough time of year to lose someone!


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