Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Calgarians Share A Warm Heart!


 Calgary greeted us with -15 degrees and decorated their streets for us.
I had the privilege of joining Lovella and Anneliese on our book signing tour.
at  'Ten Thousand Villages' on Crowchild Trail.
"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." is the tune that played through my head
all day as we enjoyed your special Christmas display dispersed all through your shop.
Thank you for  hosting us with your friendship and hospitality.
It may have been cold out, but these Calgarians knew how to warm our hearts.

Thank you to all my 'Calgary Cousins' who dropped by to say 'Hello'
Erika, Margaret, Ruth, Gabriella, Hanna, Joel, Gerri.
It was wonderful to see how you all showed up and we hugged, we chatted,
you bought books and we signed your books.
Thank you Margaret for sharing with us,  how when you get to your office every morning,
all the gals turn on their computers and go directly to the MGCC blog recipe site.
I'm glad that we can start your day with a new recipe.
What are your favorite recipes?
On my last book signing trip to Winnipeg,
I was pleasantly surprised upon my arrival at  the Abbotsford airport.


Judy had taken me to the airport...so he assumed that she would be bringing me back.
Not so, as I stayed a few extra days in Winnipeg with my sister.

So I texted my wonderful group of friends this time and asked them to
gently remind the 'man of my life' the time of my arrival,
 at the Abbotsford terminal.

Looks like the girls did their job.

And he's responding also.

Way to go girls!

Finally John responded.....to the gals.
And guess what?
It paid off.

He arrived on time....

 Thanks to my friends for taking care of me.
I know I can count on YOU!
As you can tell, we don't only cook and sign books.
We love to have fun together.


  1. OH I'm laughing here. When I sent him a reminder... it took him awhile and then his friend Elmer helped him know who the number belonged to. We do know how to have a good time, don't we?
    This is all part of the memories that we'll love in the years to come.
    I love his last text! That is funny.

  2. The streets were so pretty and how nice to have cousins come out to say hi and show support.
    Smiling at your John.....he's a good sport! We've had lots of laughs along this journey. Welcome home.

  3. Speaking of fun.. whatever happened to those two older women .. the ones with the accent ... who used to pop in on us? Have not seen them in a while! Do you think we should check up on them? Do you think they text?

  4. A few laughs to start off my morning! What fun. Dairymary

  5. So glad you had such a warm reception in Calgary (despite the cold)...and that your hubby was waiting for you when you returned home!!! Oh, what fun!

  6. Looks like a good time in Calgary with lots of good connections!
    John will never forget you anywhere again!!

  7. LOL - Too funny - especially the reference to Rob Ford!!! So glad you had a "warm" time in Calgary. You gals are all so amazing....


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