Thursday, October 31, 2013

J & M

While we carved pumpkins on Thanksgiving weekend,
  this gal decided that no one could look at her carving.

You see that smirk on her face?

The final project!!!
"Oh I see the that you carved my letters... J & M"
'Oh," I explained...."John & Marg"
How thoughtful!
" OH MOM!"
We had folks in for coffee the other night and they all commented
on my Halloween decorations...saying we did not need to make any additions.
Truly, we have webs spun from one rock to the next, lurking about in their natural habitat.

Hope you all enjoy this day!

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  1. Love it! How fun is that?

  2. What a creative daughter you have! And I hope you paid those spiders well for creating that spooky effect!

  3. That is a great carving job! I tried something new and the pumpkin went into the trash.

  4. Too funny! The carving job is great and your daughter is beautiful! Those spiders did a wonderful decor job as well!

  5. I am laughing! Fun times around your place !


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