Friday, October 4, 2013

Feeling Summery!

It was a perfect day!
A few weeks was HOT!  34 degrees.
It was his 10th birthday and he chose to spend the day with us.
So off we went on our bikes.

This was just what I needed on a hot day.
He dared me to climb out to the stump.
It's hot...why not?
Do any of you recognize this spot?

And yet, we were ready for our photo shoot.

Next he dared me to run with him into the water...
And that's exactly what we did...clothes and all....
It was HOT!
By now, you've guess our favorite spot.

Yes, and I followed behind.

Oh, how refreshing....
Somehow, I knew that on this day...I would make a big splash with him.
We had fun as always.
Isn't summer a time to get away with things?

 Off to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
The clerk came and offered us a few samples.
Somehow the samples did not agree with him...
So he walked up to the clerk with confidence,
and asked him if he could sample some of the other chocolates,
not realizing that you could only sample what was offered.
I love it when kids can be innocent and honest.
He thought that he could sample anything in the store.
It's hard to believe that summer was here and it's gone?

Summer had people lined up to hike our famous Mount Cheam.Today, it's covered in a blanket of snow.  I'm thinking downhill skiing.
Photo credits to Myka Jelier 
Even though it was crisp and cool, 
the  summer sun still invited us to play outdoors today.
Some have ridden into the water while others choose bumpy cow trails. 
This little fellow did not miss an ounce of excitement as he 
shared his cycling skills in a creative manner.

It is a happy talent to know how to play.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I enjoy watching these little ones play.


  1. Great quote! You really do have a happy talent!

  2. It all just makes me smile! You are a great Oma to these little guys!

  3. And that will be a 10th birthday he will long remember! From the waters of the snow-capped always find a way to have fun.

  4. He will certainly have fun memories of what you did together! Our kids laughed trying to imagine my Omi jump off the highdive. Just imagining it was entertainment. Your great-grands one day will probably not have to'll be jumping into lakes for a long time yet.

  5. Love your young spirit - you are the funnest Grammie ever! He is going to remember his first double digit birthday for sure.

  6. You don't just watch your little ones play--you play with them, and that's what they'll always remember!

  7. I love how you play and interact with your grandchildren!! It makes me smile and inspires me too play with our grandbabies. It is so true that 'we don't stop playing because we are getting older, but we become old when we stop playing!'

  8. Your willingness to play is such a gift to your grandsons. I am going to take a lesson from that.

  9. What a perfect way to spend your tenth birthday! I especially love the running in the water together! Beautiful pictures and fun memories! How lucky your grandson is!

  10. Such love shared between grand parents and grand son. I just love the relationship you share...thanks for letting us look into this most fun day. He will remember this day for years to come. Love the video. Happy 10 Birthday!

  11. What a cutie he is, and I know he must be a sweetheart. It is so much fun spending time with our grandchildren, and I know the joy is shared equally.


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