Friday, October 25, 2013

Falling Down!

Finally the idea came....
"If we get rid of this would be the perfect spot for a fire place."

The hole was dug, the tree was strapped with a large rope and chain.

And a few pulls.....

Timber! it's down...and we have a tree for fire wood.

Just a few pulls with our JD and one happy man.
A few less leaves to clean up,
but now he can dream all winter long about building his outdoor fire pit.

He only forgot that I gave him that idea a year ago....
That's just how farming it's his idea and he has a plan.

Life's Like That!


  1. That will be a great spot for a fire pit!

  2. A great spot indeed! And thanks for the chuckle. As you can see, I still need some more help with my blog ):

  3. I'm sure his thoughts will transform into a really neat area to gather round the fire.

  4. Hahaha... yes, life is like that!

  5. I love how the men like to do the projects when they think it is their idea-but we women are usually the project dreamer-uppers. It will be nice to have a fire pit, though.

  6. Can I come book my spot at the fire pit already? Keep me posted. Great idea!

  7. Life really IS like that!! He sure had a great idea ;). Love how you think Marg!

  8. haha - I have a dh like that. The work always goes better when it's their idea :)


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