Friday, October 18, 2013

Amazing Race

Another warm day, Thanksgiving Monday...
with the weather permitting we enjoyed the outdoors,
drinking latte's, eating fresh bread, as we waited for the turkey to deep fry.

But this year we added a new 'family game'
Our version of "Amazing Race'
Two teams with a prize of $50 to the winning team!

Challenge # 1...
Take two potatoes and plant them in Oma's garden,
using Oma's method.
The first to have completed this task...will receive their next challenge.
You know who loved handing out the challenges....(John)

  What's my next clue?  Who's got the shovel? No! Use your hands.

Challenge # 2
Locate a fence pole in the corn field.
Dig, place it into the ground in an upright position.
When done, pole must stand alone in an upright position for 5 seconds.

Challenge #3
Fill two white buckets with compost and soil from Oma's garden.
And who stole the shovel?
Competition can be felt.

Challenge # 4
Take a mode of transportation to transfer buckets to' alien garden.'
Should we take the wheelbarrow?
One can feel the escalation.

Mikki jumps on JD and uses the JD tractor as her mode of transportation.

Challenge # 5
Start a grandchild tree farm or a cousin's grove in the 'alien garden.'
Find a live tree, then using buckets of soil...plant the tree...
 marked by a Canadian flag, close to the 'alien garden'

Someone had spotted the trees earlier in John's pickup.
The clue was given and guess who stole the JD and raced
back to the shop to pick up the tree....
Can you feel the heated competition?
Sibling rivalry?

Meanwhile, guess who's winning the race...
DRIFT (Suzanne's dog)
What a magnificent view of our back yard, with the sunset maples boasting their colors,
and Mount Cheam's first snowfall in the background.

Silas and Mikki transported their tree with the wheelbarrow.

Levi and Suzanne planted their tree with the supervision of Christopher.

He's had the expertise in planting many trees on his own back yard.
Soil, bark mulch, water and compost.

Silas reads the final note....
Challenge #6 Grand Finish!
 Make a campfire the way Opa taught them through camping experiences

Levi proudly boasts that he found the matches,
making sure they were hidden from the other team.

The winner?
Suzanne & Levi!

Meanwhile, after they had collected the pumpkins from the 'alien garden'
they began to carve their pumpkins.
Young and old.

Mikki insisted on being on her own team...
I wonder what she was creating?
The fire was built, the turkey was deep fried, the table was set, 
and we all enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared from the harvest in our garden.
One more thanksgiving weekend with hearts full of thankfulness
to the bountiful that God has given us.


  1. Oh what fun! You really know how to cultivate team spirit and family togetherness. Loved this post.

  2. Your family sure knows how to have fun! What a challenge, this race you did, and to document it all, wonderful! Dairymary

  3. What fun...Thanksgiving Amazing Race! That is going to be hard to top in years to come. Great photos...great memories!

  4. Sounds like so much fun..I can see you Marg..cheering them all on as they 'run the race' the game and in life!

  5. Marg, I would enjoy just sitting and watching your family! I've said it before ... you know how to have fun!

  6. This is so much fun and one that I think we'll have to try in our own family. Thanks for sharing your family fun!

  7. That looks like such a fun time! Our family did an amazing race for our daughter's milestone birthday a few years ago. It was not only fun for everyone competing but I had a lot of fun creating it, as I'm sure you did! You have a great family! (Was that a baby bump I saw?? :)

  8. What a great family game, Marg - I think the real winners were you and John - making such memories for your family.

  9. What a fun idea! It looked like a memory making event with your family. Love the scenery around your farm.

  10. Love the amazing race idea! Fun...hope no one had a falling out like on the T.V. show!!
    Beautiful fall scenes at your place!

  11. I think my kids would love this addition to our Thanksgiving celebration - a little more exciting than a Thanksgiving hike. But they are so competitive I'm not sure I could offer $50 for a prize. There might be blood :)


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