Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Where Did the Years Go?

It was on this wonderful day that this little fellow came into our lives.
September 11, 2003
Your Aunties and Oma's were there to hold you and cuddle you right from
the moment you arrived into our arms.

By the time you were six months old, you became our waterbaby.
You loved the water...
And now you are old enough to push your own Dad into the water.
No wonder you love to swim in the ocean with us in Hawaii.

At one year's old...we thought we'd introduce you to farming.
Somehow 'your father' had no interest...
Certainly you would be the next heir in line?
It does not seem to be lining up that way. 

Oh, how you loved to lick the spoon while we baked cookies together.
Today we're baking cupcakes for your party.
I don't think we'll lick the spoon....maybe the beaters.

 By the time you reached two you were enjoying 'nap time'
while Opa and Oma took you on day trips.
Do you remember when we bought matching shirts?
That was our signature color.

Three years old and Opa thought you could start cleaning barns.
I don't think so.....
Opa tried hard to make you want to be a 'farmer'

 I remember you crying at your birthday party.
Nobody bought you the present you really wanted.

At four years old we took you on your first camping trip to Manning Park.
You did not need diapers anymore...that was Oma's rule.

Your Opa would take you on walks and tell you stories.
This summer, you and  I hiked some trails, but you only wanted to talk about
 'aliens and bears'
You almost freaked me out!

At five years old you had an interest in technology.
You wanted to talk to your mom and dad.
You wanted to stay longer...but they said, "No!"
You loved chatting on the phone.

Yes, your're trying to see if you could reach the top of the corn.
And here you are today,
Eating corn on the cob and loving it. 

What happened in 2010?
Your Oma made sure you had a camera so we could take photos of the Olympics.

Off to the Olympics we went and you were able to hold the torch.
I'm sure you would be a perfect torch bearer in the near future. 

Then came your first ski trip with Oma & Opa.
I think you were about 7 years old.
That was a bit scary for you, but by the end of the week...

You loved going up and down the chair with your Opa!

Eight years old!
Oh, how you loved it when Opa took you to the shop
and together you built your own table and painted it RED!
You loved road trips.
All you needed was  a sprinkled donut from Tim Hortons,
Oma's favorite head phones, your blankie and your cell phone.

 At nine years old we could not get you a cell phone fast enough.
You ran around the house looking for all our old recyled ones.
And they worked in your imaginary world...but not for long.
It's so much fun that today we can actually TEXT each other!

In your tenth year, you were old enough to learn to drive the lawn mower.
Your Opa trusted you!
You were careful and cautious.

Our last event together was at Whistler in the Fun Park.
The wilder, the better.
You laughed and laughed as you were turning upside down.

And here you are today...
Ten years old.
We feel so privileged that we can celebrate with you!

Keep your chin high my boy...and you will fly.
Never look back...only look forward to what God has in store for your future.
"Yes, be bold and strong!  Banish fear and doubt!
For remember, the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."
Joshua 1:9

Let's see what surprises unfold for you today!

Happy Birthday Levi!



  1. Wonderful tribute to your little 10 year old!! Hope he doesn't mind me calling him little. :) Fabulous photos!

  2. Happy Birthday to your treasured grandson! What a great re-cap of the first decade of his life.

    He shares this day with another special guy. Good things happened on September 11th as well!

  3. A tender post on your grandboy - Happy Birthday! I'm sure Oma and Opa will make it an extra special day!

  4. Wow! You have a good log of his life so far! Such precious times spent together! Wishing you another memory building day today. Ten is quite a milestone! It hits you how the years fly by. Happy birthday to your oldest grandson.

  5. Happy Birthday! Ten years is very old :)

  6. Happy belated birthday to a very special boy. I enjoyed each photo....such precious times....such treasured memories.

  7. How lucky your grandson is to have such caring grandparents! You have given him a rich heritage (and a lot of fun)! Happy tenth birthday to a great young man!

  8. What a wonderful story by a loving Oma!!! I so enjoyed these pictures of a decade of adventures with a darling and very handsome grandson. Even as a newborn he seemed to be smiling. So sweet.

  9. Double digits! Wow..what a fun post for such a fun and special young man. I love the part about what he needs for road trips... made me smile at how we do all we can for our grands to make their times with us so special.

  10. I loved this post. We have a grandson who is the apple of my eye so I can relate to your relationship with Levi. Life is always full of "adventures" with our boy he brings us joy. When he was born I said to my husband"My cup runneth over" and I still say that today. Angharad


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