Friday, September 6, 2013

Van Santan Corn!

We all know that we own the best corn in town.
You can go to Vancouver, Whistler, and they are all selling Chilliwack Corn.
We are so happy to contract our land to grow this fantastic corn.
I love watching the seasons of growing corn, from the early spring to harvest. 

Every morning our yard is buzzing....tractors, trucks, trailers, corn pickers.
I look out my bedroom window and I see their heads bobbing up and down.
Rain or Shine!
Corn pickers are not just anyone, it is the boss himself, Alex and his daughter, Jill.
Alex now delivers corn to my door, as I have not developed the right technique.

 If you are driving through Chilliwack you will seen these signs,
all along the freeway...pointing you to the right direction.

Like I said, pointing you right to where you can purchase the best corn.

And you will find one of those little yellow barns tucked away...
On arrival you will be greeted by Naomi, who is eager and willing  to make
sure your arms are filled to the brim.
It's truly worth the stop.

Why would you choose Van Santen Corn?
Alex, the owner would quickly look at you and smile.

"I grow nothing but the best.  It's NON-genetically modified"
That's a good enough reason.
I love using corn as the main ingredient for various recipes.
Check what's cooking today over at 


  1. How wonderful to have this wonderful fresh corn at your doorstep!

  2. Nothing like corn on the cob freshly picked!! We have a farm nearby that sells it. Delicious! Now I'm going to check out your recipe!

  3. I had a neighbor who sold corn from his garden and he would always joke that if he dropped an ear on the way to the house, he would go pick a new one. His corn was delicious, too. You are lucky to have your own supply so handy!

  4. Beautiful photos of corn harvesting. Love it..corn delivered to your door!

  5. That is our favorite place to shop corn...of course! We know where it comes from. I love that you get yours delivered right to your door...since your picking skills aren't quite up to speed. :)

  6. Aw yes - fresh corn on the cob - nothing tastes better! This is the first year we didn't get any planted in the garden and I miss running out to pick a few cobs for supper as the water is coming to a boil on the stove! However, we too have a great source - not delivered to our doorstep mind you - smile! Your corn salad looks wonderful!


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