Monday, September 2, 2013

Today is Labor Day!

When I was a child our family had a strong tradition meaning,  we all needed to
work and tidy up the farm and garden prior to our first school day.

Over time, we have developed some new priorities and traditions.
Today we will celebrate the end of summer with fresh produce from our garden.

Fresh home made Salsa

Fresh Corn Salad

Grilled Pork Ribs

Beer Can Chicken

Corn on the Cob


We will enjoy the 'last' of summer.

A quick last trip to Whistler brought many smiles to everyone, except for one.....
Some of us of  enjoyed the daring, glass bottom, 'Peak to Peak' chair experience,

while others hiked and ran up to the Whistler Summit Chair.

Meanwhile these little guys were learning to read maps and found their own adventures.
"But Oma, there's an App on your IPhone!"

Others, like the Teachers, decided to relax and fish.
They knew what the next months would bring.
Fishing was not like 'Manning Park'

He looks like he's really into it.
He's not thinking about school at all.

At times when we were all together...
we noticed that we truly were color coordinated.
We obviously love the color 'blue'

A road trip down south to Mount Shasta, CA  brought smiles
to this newly engaged couple.
We were given a guided tour of the  Mt. Shasta region
and left our Canadian Olympic Inukshuk signature behind.
There were many rock formations, but no Inukshuk's.
We travelled the roads to Redding, CA and cut through
the # 36 highway down to Shelter Cove...
where these two made a three day hike along the coastal
region known as "The Lost Coast" 
While they hiked in the fog and dampness,
we slowly meandered up the scenic 101 coastal road,
heading north and arriving back to our favorite destination,
Home Again.

Every Summer has it's own story, and this was our story.


  1. Your family 's summer looked wonderful! Hanging out in the mountains, at rivers, and along the California coast sounds like a perfect combination of places. Glad you also like to coordinate outfits-it happens here often, too! Happy Labor Day!

  2. What great memories (and photos) from your summer adventures!

  3. Wonderful documentation of your family's last of the summer fun....and so much to look forward to.

  4. You really know how to stretch out some fun, Marg! Love all these Summer shots. I'm cracking up with your color coordination!

  5. I like your new traditions and your Labour Day Weekend menu!! Your pictures tell a wonderful story of a family enjoying this last weekend of summer with fun activities. It always seems like a whole new year is beginning on September 1st!

  6. I've just had a lovely catch up, Marg. What a great summer you've had - and I love the way you've ended it. Family fun is always a good tradition!

  7. I like how you managed to pack so many adventures into one spot here!
    You have been lots of places, enjoyed the littlest ones to the older ones and been blessed with hope for the days yet to come.

  8. Looks like you had a great summer! And...if that's on the menu for tonight, I think i better pop over! What time shall I be there? ;)

  9. It looks like the best summer ever! So happy you could share these wonderful blessings with your children.
    Your menu sounds completely perfect! Happy Labour Day!

  10. What great pictures Marg - you are so blessed to have a family that shares a love for the same activities. And your two schoolboys are so precious. that is a wonderful prayer for them. Thanks for sharing it.

  11. How fun that you were at Mt. Shasta! We drove past, twice, and took many photos. One of my littles was awed by such a great mountain.


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