Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pearing Up!

I would like for all of you to meet Walter & Willy
They have just begun a  new career in entertaining Mennonites.
There latest recording will be out shortly, this fall and you will find
it at a location near you.

They sang, they laughed, they read poetry,
they even brought gifts along.
You name...they did it.
I highly recommend them for your next Menno event.

They serenaded us into the wee hours of the night,
as we sat under the warm tiki torches. 

It was a double 40th anniversary celebration for 'The Rempels' and 'The Bartels'
The four of us enjoyed getting together,
reminiscing over the good and the bad,
planning an event for all the other  'old timers'

Heidi and I did our own gig of entertaining as we recorded
our favorite songs for our husbands
and had the titles engraved on our T-shirts.
"You're Still the One"  Shania Twain ~ Marg's song for John
"Thank You" Johnny Reed ~ Heidi's song for Irv
There were tears and hugs!!!

Then Heidi & I shared the story of our diamond rings,
the perfect little rocks that have been worn ragged over time,
in hopes that we both would get new ones.
So we let these dear men know that we did our own shopping
for this special occasion and and now it was our turn to
present them with diamonds.
The men were both stunned and did not know what to do with them.
So we both raised our perfectly manicured  feet into the air,
and they placed the rings on our pinky toes....
(sorry no photo)

We enjoyed an evening celebrating with friends from 40 years ago.
They have been life time friends.

The Island was once more filled with salads, appetizers, and baked potatoes.

These two men were in charge of the meat department.
The purchased a top-line standing rib roast,
which turned out just perfect.

A barbecued roast that melted in your mouth. 
A wonderful evening shared and enjoyed by all.

A quick pairing up of events from this week.

This past week also marked the beginning for Life Groups in our church.
We have enjoyed our group over the past years.
As we walked into the guest home...
we were greeted by a tree.
I was stunned by this...
a tree?
I looked closer and saw the writing on the card.

Our faces were splashed on this 40th anniversary cake.
I'm thinking most of you know who hosted this evening....
I'm thinking we look a bit vintage.
Here we are once again, with our Life Group which we love.
We have laughed together...
we have cried together.
we have prayed together.
we have celebrated together.

We have come to realize that over our past 40 years,
many people have touched our lives
and have helped shape who we are today.

Thank You Friends for all the good times and hope for many more.

As you all know we have no claim to fame...but just for awhile
we will enjoy wearing the title....

"The Perfect Pear"


  1. What a perfect gift for the perfect pear/pair! You had some very wonderful memorable celebrations for sure, Marg!!

  2. I have loved reading about your anniversary celebrations. You are so blessed to live near lifetime friends.

    We celebrated our forty-third anniversary on the eighteenth, and had a wonderful day visiting the church where we were married and sharing sweet memories.

  3. There's no doubt that celebrating with friends is the best. Looks like it was an evening to remember.

  4. You sure know how to have fun celebrating! And how wonderful that you've got such awesome friends to celebrate with.

  5. Oh that all looks like such fun! Walter and Willy look like a hoot - I'll be looking for their Fall recording release ;). I laughed when I read about the diamond pinkie toe rings - so funny!!! You sure know how to have fun, share delicious food, and treasure your friendships. The perfect "pare" indeed!

  6. You are loved! Isn't it great to be able to laugh, be silly with, cry and pray with the same people!
    I love the perfect pear tree idea!

  7. Happy Anniversary x 40 x 2!

  8. You certainly know how to celebrate! Happy Anniversary, Marg and John. Forty years together looks good on both of you!

  9. What a wonderful way to spend an anniversary with your dearest friends over the last 40 years. I love the perfect pair tree and the entertainment. I can see you love and laugh much with these friends who love and live life with you. Congratulations again!

  10. I have no idea how I missed this post from a long time ago...but I'm here now...and smiling. Glad you have had lots of opportunities to celebrate! Wishing you many more happy years together!


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