Sunday, September 15, 2013

Forty Years Later!

It was 40 years ago that we committed ourselves to each other.
Here we stand 40 years later with hearts full of love and anticipation.

I was given this poem by John's oldest brother, Peter and sister in law, Alma.
It has been seared in our hearts.
I love holding this original, vintage style, faded paper in my hand.
It has worth, it has value, it has truth.

September 15, 1973

Dear John & Marg,
Stand close together
but not too close.
For no tree grows best
in each other's shadow.

Learn to enjoy each other's interests,
but not at the expense of your own.
For each one needs to keep his own identity.

Share each other's friends.
Include them all.
For they are the treasures 
that will last a life-time.

Serve God together and put
Him first and He will
supply what you need forever.

(Thank you Alma for these words.)


  1. Happy 40th Anniversary! Love that back lit silhouette picture.

  2. Happy Anniversary dear Marg and John. I remember when my parents had their professional photo taken for their 40th. She had her hair done and wore a corsage and my dad had a new suit. This photo... is less formal but speaks so beautifully of your love.

  3. Happy Annivesary to you! This is truly a milestone not to be taken for granted in this day and age. Thank you for sharing so honestly on the Sunday MGCC post! May you continue to inspire others by your life as you have done till now. I love the photos... with the rope and this silhuette. wishing you a very special day today with your family and God's blessings in the years to come.

  4. Congratulations, Marg and John , on reaching a milestone in your marriage ... I wish you a Blessed Anniversary ! and many more to come ! Celebrate with joy and love with each other and family and friends !

  5. Congratulations! Celebrating has always been a part of your lives. You've been doing that throughout the year and I know that today you are celebrating. I too love the photos on MGCC and this one in the field. Your hands hold tight, and are held by His hands of grace and blessing. Enjoy this most special day!

  6. Congratulations! Wishing you a wonderful weekend....but more than that, wishing you both much happiness and God's blessings as you continue to journey and grow together in the years ahead. Thank you for sharing your learnings on MGCC. The photos certainly represent how we have come to know you.

  7. Oops! That was me....Elma!

  8. Happy Fortieth, Marg and John! You are just a month ahead of us - 1973 was a very good year, in my opinion. Forty years of supporting one another, sharing interests, raising children and loving grandchildren - you two are an inspiration to your friends and family. Sending love and very best wishes, your way. H.

  9. Congratulations on your fortieth. I love the photo...the two of you 'outstanding in your field'! Blessings to you you continue on the journey. Together...holding on for dear the end. :)

  10. Happy anniversary! I looks like it has been a good ride. I hope you have many more fun years.

  11. Congratulations on your 40th anniversary. I replied to your comment on my latest post that yes, indeed - soooo many similarities between us!! I agree with Pondside - 1973 was a very good year. I LOVE the picture of you and the beautiful words - such truths.


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